Wolf And Spice/spice And Wolf/spicy Wolf, would work well wi

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Wolf And Spice/spice And Wolf/spicy Wolf, would work well wi

Postby kally786 » Mon Feb 04, 2008 2:07 pm

I watched the first episode of Wolf and Spice (raw). The novel has the Andrew Cunningham seal of approval, and the glimpses I've had of the manga make it look like it could be an interesting variation on the magical girlfriend genre.

The animation is pretty uninspiring, though Chloe's leap to Lawrence's wagon was nicely done (though how her skirt billowed out in front of her as she ran is a bit of a puzzle).

The medieval setting owes more to World of Warcraft than to the real middle ages, but, hey, it's a cartoon about a wolf-girl-goddess.

Watching it raw, I didn't get much of a feel for any of the characters. If Ami Koshimizu could capture some of Mamiko Noto's playful brilliance in sola, the series could be great. If the actors just phone in their performances (the impression I got --- not helped by the animation, I fear), then it will probably be pretty forgettable.

Gosh, the comedic possibilities of a wolf's sense of smell meeting the hygiene of the urban middle ages and able to complain about it alone could make the series a must-see.

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