Yes, I'm a mod.

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Yes, I'm a mod.

Postby jasper-isis » Mon Dec 03, 2007 1:03 am

Some of you already know this, but I thought I'd "officially" announce it so that nobody gets confused when I start leaving my name in more mod-related activities. :)

Feel free to PM me if you need any help around the Org.

All right, let's carry on then.
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Postby Otohiko » Mon Dec 03, 2007 1:05 am

Congrats! :P
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Postby Bakadeshi » Mon Dec 03, 2007 1:14 am

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Postby krzT » Mon Dec 03, 2007 1:16 am

Whoa. Seriously?

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Postby angelx03 » Mon Dec 03, 2007 1:46 am

....wait, WHAT?!!
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Postby CrackTheSky » Mon Dec 03, 2007 1:55 am

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Postby downwithpants » Mon Dec 03, 2007 2:46 am

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Postby Jnzk » Mon Dec 03, 2007 3:52 am

Who would have known? :shock:
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Postby Scott Green » Mon Dec 03, 2007 3:54 am

Who are you anyways?

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Postby godix » Mon Dec 03, 2007 8:12 am

downwithpants wrote:months old content ... c&start=94

Yeah, that was the subtle clue that tipped me off.
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Postby Tsunami Jones » Mon Dec 03, 2007 11:03 am

No way! :o
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Postby CodeZTM » Mon Dec 03, 2007 11:05 am

Wowies. ^_^
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Postby Unlimited Rice » Mon Dec 03, 2007 12:47 pm

That's cool.
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Postby JaddziaDax » Mon Dec 03, 2007 12:58 pm

woo :3
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Postby wurpess » Mon Dec 03, 2007 1:30 pm

godix wrote:
downwithpants wrote:months old content ... c&start=94

Yeah, that was the subtle clue that tipped me off.

me too. :o But :up: anyway. *^_^*
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