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Too hot for Org Newsletter

Postby quadir » Sat Nov 17, 2007 3:00 pm

2 segments that were submitted to the newsletter did not make the light of day due to their... non-PG nature.

The first was godix' thread highlight.

Godix shows a simple and effective way to tell when a video has the
wrong aspect ratio. This guide is especially useful, and was designed
for, people who are not all that into the technical aspects of AMVs. ... hp?t=79317

and fall_child42 brigade's AMV Q&A:

By Todd Serge (Fall_Child42) and friends

Q: Where did vicbond go?

Vic bond is still around and still making really gay videos ... I'm not kidding, I'm talking hardcore penis-in-the-rectum-butt-fucking-catboy gay. The problem with VicBond is you may not have seen him, his green masters jacket provides Vic with good camouflage and allows him to blend into the background to hide from predators.

Q: What has happened to Cadwell?

I think Ying has him tied up in his basement, forcing him to make vodka. "It Makes the vodka clear and smooth or else it gets the hose again." (Ying sucks at rhyming.)

Q: What is the Adobe premiere/AE/Magix/WMM/Vegas usage ration for editors?

The Adobe premiere/AE/Magix/WMM/Vegas usage ration tastes like an old tire.

Q: How many editors are actually editing professionally?

So, I have no way of knowing how many editors are editing professionally, but if you count the amount of book publishers, the newspapers, the film studios, the thesis writers, advertising firms, tv stations, magazines, radio, music etc. I'd say the total is well over five. I'd try to count higher but I can't use my other hand, it's busy.

Q: Why are we all jackasses?

Poor Self Esteem.

Q: Will i ever find true love?

You will find true love in the form of a pineapple, which will be inserted up your rectum till days end.

Q: I'm making an AMV but I'm a bit worried because some spots only have 5 stock effects at once. I know the great AMVs have 20 to 30 at once at all times. So what effects can I add to the slow parts to increase the shininess of my video?

Well here is where our knowledge of AMVs really can come in handy. First I must dispell the myth that these are stock effects, no each one is handcrafted for a very deep and symbolic meaning. We have compiled a list of the Single most important effects to use in your video. If you want to have a video that will win you contests and then money and women, you'll need to follow this guide. My crack team of investigative AMV watchers have invested countless minutes reviewing all of the videos on's top ten percent, in order to collate a Top ten list of the single most important effects of all time. Let's get started shall we?

10) Use Naruto, Bleach, or Dragon Ball Z, many people think these things are just source. I call those people ignorant fools. Naruto, Bleach, and DBZ are actually complex special effects, and are kind of cheating when it comes to winning fame and popularity.

9) The Lens flare. The lens flare is the last bastion of the creative individual. So much is possible with lens flares alone you hardly even need footage, but combine them with footage and the creative possibilities are endless, Lens flare Nipples, Lens flare Crotches, Lens flare eyeballs, lens flare lens flares, and they can even be used to metaphorically represent the light that contributes to the final image actually refracts all the way through the lens assembly onto the sensor in addition to film flares that happen when non-image light ( i.e. sun rays) reflect off the lens assembly and strike the sensor. Metaphorically of course.

8) The Samurai X Strobe. This is a very specific strobe effect included in the footage, and thus makes it better than all other strobe effects. It also makes it our number eight effect. Please disregard the fact that the strobe will never be timed with your music, it only makes it more artistic, just like the film.

7) The bar effect. This is a very important effect, but sadly it's use is diminishing. The bar effect is one of Earth's non renewable resources. Over %50 of the earth's entire amount of bar effects can be found here. ... hp?v=61198 BAR EFFECTS AND SHIT
6) Funny Accents. All of the best effect creators have accents better than yours. Unless you speak like a southern belle hand have blonde curls, If this is the case please contact

5) Schizophrenia, it causes you to hallucinate and see things that arn't there, and hear things that aren't there, ad these are the two components of an AMV. So there you go.

4) Wrong Aspect Ratios. Are you tired of having all you favorite character be too short and fat? I know I am. Well when you use the wrong aspect ratio it makes the characters nice and tall and thin. This is especially good for drama videos, when the characters are thin they have eating disorders, and nothings more dramatic that that. I might suggest going the other way for comedy videos. Everyone knows fat people are funny, and funny people are Jewish. Therefore fat people are Jewish.

3) Penile Enlargement Medication
Do you believe in magic? We suppose you're likely to answer "no.". We hadn't believed, either...until the moment we tried MegaDick! What this wonder medicine does to a human phallus cannot be called otherwise than a Miracle!
Just picture to yourself, that your love wand suddenly becomes longer and thicker and makes women tremble with desire!
It's fabulous!

2) Glow, if your video does not look like it's on a transparent overhead that's been put on the surface of the sun and projected on the moon during a lunar eclipse, obviously you've done something wrong.

1) In the beginning there was God, and the cross fade. God cross faded the universe and gave birth to heaven and earth. Day and night was formed when God cross faded from white to black. the separation of land and sea was nothing more than a cross fade. Everything that is was and will ever be is a direct result of the cross fade. And God saw the cross fade and the cross fade was good. It is also the number one effect.

And I think that's All we are going to answer for now. More questions are always welcome, and I'll try not to murder you all in your sleep.

Please feel free to send any and all questions to GGMYTEAMSUCKS@GMAIL.COM

And send all negative comments to

Till next time,

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Postby guy07 » Sat Nov 17, 2007 5:47 pm

So i'm the only one who sent in questions, eh?

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Postby Fall_Child42 » Sat Nov 17, 2007 6:34 pm

guy07 wrote:So i'm the only one who sent in questions, eh?

Q: I'm making an AMV but I'm a bit worried because some spots only have 5 stock effects at once. I know the great AMVs have 20 to 30 at once at all times. So what effects can I add to the slow parts to increase the shininess of my video?

which by the way elicited the biggest response, was not your question.

P.S. why is this not in General AMV with the rest of them???

AFAIK there is no language restrictions in General AMV.

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Postby guy07 » Sat Nov 17, 2007 10:08 pm

That maybe, but at least i learned that I shall have true love one day. So take that.

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Postby CodeZTM » Sat Nov 17, 2007 11:57 pm

LOL. Love it. ^_^

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