Anime North Music Video Competition 2012 Results

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Anime North Music Video Competition 2012 Results

Postby Kieop » Mon May 28, 2012 4:33 pm



Northern Lights – Best in Show Award
Shin & Gunther “Fate Matrix”

Momiji no Video – Judges’ Choice Award
Vlad G. Pohnert “Once Upon a Time in Russia”

The Newbie – Novice Award
Jern Guildhelm “Gundam Does The Time Warp…Again!”

Momiji’s Challenge
Ultimatetransfan “La Gokicha”


Xuerion “Lusilos”

haunter103 “That Burning Sensation”

NWJ “The Responsibility of Peace”

Artistic Vision
drewaconclusion “She Loves That Rock and Roll”


Gold Medal – Special Merit
Ileia “Synthetic Heroine”

Silver Medal – Overall Merit
Nicolio1313 “Penguins Under Pressure”

Bronze Medal – General Merit
MeliChan923 “Friends Forever”

Challenge Finalists

La Gokicha … Ultimatetransfan
В излучине Дона … Kyssifur
Adios… [madaraxD]
Vie En Rose… pacotacoshell
Creature Engine… haunter103

Novice Finalists

Project Reloaded … Schylige
I Don’t Wanna Die! … Moonreyl
Hey Nanami! … xxAmethystDiamondxx
Next To You … bonnydoax
{My Home is Your Head} … Nicole Manzo
Gundam Does the Time Warp…Again! … Jern Guildhelm

Open Finalists

The Responsibility of Peace…NWJ
I Would Rather Pretend … Flashpaw
Pon Pon … nicki_013
It’s Di Gi Dubstep – Nyo! … Moonie
The Contract … AimoAio
Perpetual Insanity … pacotacoshell
Lusilos … Xuerion
Warrior Batou … Jethro
Fate Matrix … Shin & Gunther
Friends Forever … MeliChan923
That Burning Sensation … haunter103
Nobody Here is Perfectly Fine … Kamih
Synthetic Heroine … Ileia
She Loves That Rock and Roll … drewaconclusion
Penguins Under Pressure … nicolio1313
Once Upon a Time in Russia …Vlad G. Pohnert

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Re: Anime North Music Video Competition 2012 Results

Postby EkaCoralian » Tue May 29, 2012 3:36 pm

Congrats to everyone! =D

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Re: Anime North Music Video Competition 2012 Results

Postby Shin-AMV » Tue May 29, 2012 5:06 pm

Cool beans. Congrats everyone :)

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Re: Anime North Music Video Competition 2012 Results

Postby SeNniN » Fri Jun 08, 2012 10:29 pm

I'm surprised that Ileia's Synthetic Heroine didn't win the best editing award. The winner looks rather average, but that's just my opinion.
Congrats to everyone who won!

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Re: Anime North Music Video Competition 2012 Results

Postby NWJ » Sun Jun 24, 2012 1:07 am

Here are links to as many of the finalists as I could find:

Challenge winner:

Creature Engine (haunter103)
Couldn't find

Project Reloaded (Schylige)

I Don’t Wanna Die! (Moonreyl)
Couldn't find

Hey Nanami! (xxAmethystDiamondxx)

Next To You (bonnydoax)

My Home is Your Head (Nicole Manzo)
Couldn't find

Novice Award winner:
Gundam Does the Time Warp…Again! (Jern Guildhelm)

Creativity Award Winner:

I Would Rather Pretend (Flashpaw)

It’s Di Gi Dubstep – Nyo! (Moonie)

Editing Award winner:

Warrior Batou (Jethro)
Couldn't find

Best in Show (Northern Lights) Award Winner:

Bronze Medal:
Friends Forever (MeliChan923)
Couldn't find

Cinematography Award winner:
That Burning Sensation (haunter103)
Couldn't find

Gold Medal:

Artistic Vision Award winner:

Silver Medal:
Penguins Under Pressure (nicolio1313)

Judge's Choice (Momiji no Video) Award winner:

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