AMVAZAR 2011: Anime Music Video Contest

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AMVAZAR 2011: Anime Music Video Contest

Postby slicKrox » Sat Dec 24, 2011 5:14 pm

Merry Christmas!


» Maybe you like video editing, anime or even filming? Then you’ve come to the right place! Music, action, drama, romance, psychedelic, experimental, anime and a video camera – are the tools for creating your extraordinary work. We kindly invite you to participate in this competition and demonstrate your crazy music and colour combining skills!

» The presenting and voting of your works will start next year on the the 10th of March and will last for one week after announcement. Great thanks to Airiz, Knives and Squall for support, Moon and Groove for technical support and Squall for help with preparations. The winner of the competition will get the brutal Roronoa Zoro, other known as ‘’The pirate hunter’’, figurine. Only a few martial artists can use three katanas simultaneously! The winners of second and third place will not go unrewarded either. Prizes will be presented at any post office in Lithuania or in other countries. Those wanting to participate should register and post here in this thread or by e-mail: The main contest rules:

1) Only anime that are made/released in 2011 can be used in the creation of your AMV. The only exceptions are for those anime that began in ’10 and ended in ’11, multiple season anime and anime movies which were officially released in 2011 (e.g.: Summer Wars and etc.). You may find a detailed list of 2011 anime in AnimeZona or AniDB: Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn (AZ anime list may be not full)

2) You can also use other tools in the creation of your AMV such as multimedia like photos, videos, etc. - not related to anime. These can fill no more than 25% of your AMV.

3) It is forbidden to use scenes which are too brutal and/or explicit. Erotic scenes may be used from hentai or ecchi genre anime with the condition that private spots will be censored.

4) The author can not announce his nickname/name in his AMV, but the names of used anime and songs may be announced.

5) In the participants work, no matter in which interval, the initials of the contest must be shown: AMVAZAR2011 - Currect, the small VHS ver. logo variables. (just inscriptions are also allowed)

6) No coincidental or unrelated to the music video subtitles can be shown in your work.

7) The length of your AMV may not be shorter than 1:30 or longer than 10 minutes.

8) Your project must be presented to before the 10th of March with a link to your AMV uploaded to In your e-mail you must also mention:
a) Subject: the authors AnimeZona forum nickname (if you are registered);
b) Used anime and music;
c) The title of your AMV;
d)The genre of your AMV;
e) The authors comment about his own work (if you have what to comment)

9) The minimal requirements of your video and codecs: XviD, DivX, H.263, H.264, and video formats: AVI, MP4, MKV. See that ~1 minute of the video is ~15mb in size. Minimal resolution ~640x___.

10) We don't want to see any bad "Aspect ratio", "Video interlace" or bad resolution in your project (unless it is a deliberate part of your work or more than one video with different resolution is used).

11) All participants may present only one AMV.

12) Sending your older AMV’s, that meet all the conditions of the contest, is allowed.

13) Participants are immediately disqualified without notice for cheating or using other peoples AMV’s.

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Re: AMVAZAR 2011: Anime Music Video Contest

Postby Rider4Z » Tue Dec 27, 2011 2:35 pm

damn.... that figurine sure is hot....
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Re: AMVAZAR 2011: Anime Music Video Contest

Postby slicKrox » Sun Mar 11, 2012 8:18 am

Today, and tomorrow until 17pm (By UTC London) the last day when you can send your work. Rules are very simple: everybody who created AMV with anime from 2011 can participate in this contest and win the nice prize.

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