123copydvd help

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123copydvd help

Postby Samcyxk » Mon Dec 26, 2011 7:43 pm

Got the enwest 123CopyDVD Gold software for Xmas, and I'm already having problems. I was wondering if anyone could help.

1. When I try to update the software, it says it encounters "Error 13" and has to abort. What is Error 13 and how do I fix it?
2. When I actually try to rip the DVDs, CopyDVD says that it can't locate "Booooya.dll", even though I downloaded and installed it, and it's clearly where it should be. How do I fix this?

Any help at all would be appreciated, because I don't want to use DVDfab or anything like that
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Re: 123copydvd help

Postby BasharOfTheAges » Tue Dec 27, 2011 6:13 pm

If you don't want to use the free software standards most people here use, i'd think your best bet would be asking the people that make what you bought. Since it's their software, they'd probably be the best at giving help with it.
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Re: 123copydvd help

Postby mirkosp » Tue Dec 27, 2011 6:29 pm

I'll have to echo Bashar. Unfortunately, that is a software I have no experience with. However I tried to search in their knowledgebase, and I got this.
The ERROR Codes 2, 8, 4, 11, 101, or 13 message indicates that the online activation application cannot get past your NAT router or Firewall. You will need to disable your firewall temporarily to activate online. If you cannot disable your firewall I suggest that you try the “Manual Activation” option. Once the steps have been followed, you will be able to activate the program without using the online activation feature.

I can't seem to find anything about missing dll files in there, though. I assume it could be related to the error 13 you're having in some way, so first see if fixing that gets it running.
If all else fails, then it seems you can submit tickets from here, and that should get you more in-depth help.

As a last note, I would still suggest you to switch to DVDFab, though. However, if you really don't wish to, then it is ultimately up to you. It's just that it's a software I used and verified to work and I should be able to help with it in case of needs, as many other users here should be able to as well, so that would get you more actual help instead of generic suggestions if the time comes.
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