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  • Member: Samcyxk
  • Title: Ginta Reviews a Movie
  • Premiered: 2010-04-02
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    • Bum Reviews Twilight Review
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  • Comments: Ah, yes. "Ginta Reviews a Movie". To date, my most successful video. And, if I'm interpreting the Sakura-Con message board correctly, my most controversial.

    The entire starting concept behind "Ginta Reviews a Movie" was to completely bash Twilight with more than one medium: comedy and anime, to be specific. Those who know me personally can attest to the fact that I abhor Twilight with all my being, and all I wanted was to make my opinion known, but in a way that would make others smile. I'd known about the Bum Reviews for a while, and the two ideas just clicked.

    Most people wouldn't choose MAR for a parody of Twilight - heck, most people probably aren't even familiar with the series. But I saw the dark environments in MAR and the characters that I could work with so easily: Alviss, the emo teenager (Edward Cullen); Snow, the carefree but just-dark-enough Princess (Bella); many different villains and side characters to provide those few lines; the TV to act as a computer; most of all, though, the character that meshed everything together was Ginta. Being a very childish boy, Ginta was the owner of many funny faces and moments of oh-so-exploitable comedy. It seemed that everytime Ginta opened his mouth, a face went with it that would fit what the Bum was talking about. Without an oblivious joker like Ginta, this video might never have come to fruition.

    This was the first video that I added extra elements to: for example, having a computer spell out "VAMPIRE!" and other bits of dialogue instead of Ginta speaking them; the Superman logo; LOLpire; the Cobra logo; the half car; the diamonds; and "Like this guy" are all of them, I think. That was a step up from what I used to be, which was a "everything-has-to-be-mouthed" kind of guy. And it's so fun to branch out from that. In this video, I also focused a lot more on perfect lip-synchs, because the core of the comedy was what Ginta was saying rather than what he was doing.

    "Ginta Reviews a Movie" also turned out to be a bit of a controversial video for some when it was at Sakura Con 2010. The audience loved it, but, apparently, afterwards, some people were commenting on the fact that it didn't exactly fit the category of "AMV". A few people on the message boards were saying the same thing, and although everything's been cleared up, I still feel that I need to defend my work. In my humble opinion, I do consider this an AMV, and I also think that the meaning of "AMV" has evolved - from strictly an Anime Music Video to a wide assortment of mediums. This is where trailer videos come from, and I do believe the meaning of AMV to be more than what it literally says.

    But, regardless of whether or not some will consider it a true AMV, I still want everyone to get the same thing out of it: enjoyment, amusement, and a cheap jab at Twilight.


    Sakura-Con 2010
    Best Comedy/Parody
    Best in Show

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