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Postby BigDude » Sun Jan 19, 2003 10:57 pm

Yes, I have stumbled apon this marvolus place and have joined. :D
This is vary intrseting indeed, I will have fun. :D

I bring you my 3rd masterpice!!! Behold!!! Chaos!!!! :twisted:

Well not really of course... but this is my 3rd vid, and it is called "Chaos".

Tada: (My site is hosted by tripod so I cant put a direct link to the download, so I guess your free to check out the other 2 vids of mine if you want. And if you cant get any of them, or to my site for that matter, its cuz i exceed my hourly bandwidth, so your free to try again latter. I am mainly focusing on the "Chaos" one though, check that one out first.)

Anime: Zoids
Song: "SIC" by Slipknot
Format: .WMV
Size: 5.6MB

Dont bash it cuz its fuzzy, thats only cuz I had to make it in a small size to fit on my site, hense: low quality. The accual size is 38MB and ok quality, not great cuz i couldent find perfect clips.

If you wanted the good version I could send it to you over AIM or MSN Messanger.

And Note: I made this with Windows Movie Maker, so I couldnt put text in, Enjoy!
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Postby BigDude » Mon Jan 20, 2003 1:54 pm

Alrighty! I put my vid up on this site. So lets try this out shall we. ... hp?v=13967
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Postby Anime Jedi » Mon Jan 20, 2003 11:52 pm

Hi BigDude. Welcome. :D Hope you enjoy your time here at Congrats on finding the site. Seems like Tripod is sucking right now. No download. I'll check again later. ^_^
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