New Video - Final Fantasy X - Madonna - Frozen

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New Video - Final Fantasy X - Madonna - Frozen

Postby Yuna » Mon Dec 30, 2002 5:21 pm

After spending quite a bit of time capturing in-game footage off of my Final Fantasy X game and working to transfer it to my PC, I managed to complete my latest music video - one that was actually a birthday/Christmas gift for a dear friend of mine (and considering how long this took, I honestly hope that she liked it!). For this video I used Madonna's song Frozen to tell the story of Yuna and Seymour - one angle of it, at least. I was very proud of myself in the fact that I did not have to repeat a single clip throughout the video - and I was able to use quite a bit of in game footage as well as some from the FMVs. The entire video was six minutes and thirteen seconds long when completed, and I think that it turned out very well. If only I had webspace to upload it to! But that's why I'm hoping the Golden Donut will be of service to me soon.

For the time being I'll gladly send the video out personally - just email me at

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