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New Member...New Videos

Postby diavola » Sun Dec 29, 2002 8:05 pm

:twisted: Greatings...I'm a new member of Anime Music Videos and I'd like to annouce that My first Video is already getting it's final touches for submission...of course being a new member I gotta figure out how to get it on...Anyway My first AMV I made in Highschool with some old non-linear editing system called Cassablanca...but now thatI'm in school for Video Production I have access to more common editing Quarter I learn Avid media composer....anyway My first Video was Clips of escaflowne edited to Cradle Of came out pretty insane when I did it in High School but now that I have capturing equipment on my computer...I'm making the video even better using clips from the last 6 episodesw to make my final touches...and yes it's extremely spoilerific already and it's gonna be worse when I'[m done with it...and it's gonna be rather long as well but I asure you that my first video will make an impacked on anyone into escaflowne and/or cradle of filth...FYI,,,I'm using Avid DV express for the final touches :D Anyway I promise you that this will definatly be a video worth downloading:>

:twisted: Catcha Later
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