Ah, yes. Cockpit-Phobia was MY worst fight, too. . .

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Ah, yes. Cockpit-Phobia was MY worst fight, too. . .

Postby SQ » Wed Dec 25, 2002 4:08 pm

I FINALLY got it done! All of you who have been reading my journal, here it is!
My Outlaw Star AMV. It's a character profile on Gene Starwind, basically revolving around his cockpit-phobia(Yeah, I know he gets over it quickly in the series, but who cares?)

This is my most upbeat, techno, action-y AMV as of yet!
Please give it a look. It's to "It's My Time to Fly" from The Urge, which can be found on the Titan A.E. Soundtrack.(No, the song is NOT called "It's My Turn to Fly" as it is listed in the list. . . )

There are absolutely NO spoilers whatsoever, since I only used four episodes and the japanese opening to make this AMV.(Episodes 1,2,7, and 8)
Merry Christmas and Happy Kwanzaa!!

[-Let's Do It!-]

TURN ONS: wmv format, upbeat and techno song, really nicely carried out, pretty good vid quality.

TURN OFFS: sound quality is a bit so-so, the vid feed is a little "Jumpy"(due to lazy subtitle removal. . . This only happens ONCE, and it matches the beat).

Have fun and leave an opinion, since this is my first try at an action packed character profile.

. . . It really seems that all I can do are character profiles in AMVs. . .
Pssst. It's not really trademarked.

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