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Postby Wykith » Mon Dec 23, 2002 5:06 pm

For your idiocic transgression.......I will devour you with little to no ceremony. You are a waste of condiments and spices. Consider yourself......deepfried! Image
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Postby Engar » Mon Dec 23, 2002 5:13 pm

Up until his second post I felt sorry for him, now I'm just back on my whole 'anti-DBZ people are annoying' mode. Anyone else think that DBZ AMV makers are graded just a little harder than everyone else? If you can make a great and repected AMV thats good. If you can make a great and respected DBZ AMV thats great!

What happens when you make a great and respected LBZ AMV? o_O

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Postby RadicalEd0 » Mon Dec 23, 2002 5:15 pm

hell freezes over?

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Luke Valentine
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Postby Luke Valentine » Mon Dec 23, 2002 5:18 pm

See that's the problem. I've seen maybe two that were good. But then came all the Linkin park song ones. Which in my opinion, ruined a few AMV selections for me. Not because I think Linkin Park blows (which they do), but because they're so OVERUSED! I can't tell you how many damn PAPERCUT videos I've seen. If you wanna see a quality DBZ AMV, msg this guy I know. His AIM screen name is AtmaWeaponZero, ask him to send you his "Where Are You Goin" DBZ Video. Oh, and make sure ya tell him Luke Valentine sent ya :wink: Trust me, this video actually makes DBZ AMV's respectable. It's great. IM him and get it, I'm gonna do so right now.[/b]
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Postby JustAnOrdinaryPanda » Mon Dec 23, 2002 5:42 pm

I've seen a number of very good DBZ AMVs, and yeah, the makers are graded far harder. The problem is, the mindless fans think it's the shit, as they normally have no AMV standards, and many people here grade it far too harshly if at all...

But leave off the kid, he apologised for fuck's sake. :x
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Postby Cypherman » Tue Dec 24, 2002 10:45 pm

Yea, thats true...DBZ AMV's are definitely graded harder, but for good reason, I suppose...Who isn't tired of the same clips strung together randomly to the same songs over and over?...But that's no reason to hate DBZ heh. And Linkin Park IS overused, no doubt :? But give us DBZ AMV creators a chance :lol:

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Postby MAS PRODUCTIONS » Wed Dec 25, 2002 12:40 am

For future newbie reference there is a better way of joining in the amv fun. Now, Im not here to tell you that DBZ sucks although if you really think about it, if Cartoon Network had not started playing it, no one would even like it. I mean it had been out for a while before cartoon network picked it up. Anyways back on topic, the best way to start off here is spend a couple of weeks reading posts and conversing with people and learning some of the things that go on here on the board. After you have cemented yourself as a regular, start making amvs for fun and show them to your friends. You can even start off making DBZ music videos but dont start by making action videos, start by making a comedy or drama video. It is too easy to take a fast paced song and use high action clips and combine them. After learning for awhile start asking around for people to see what they think of them. Even though Im not a newbie anymore, I still send rough draft videos to WuWu and others to see what their opinions on them are. Well anyways I think that should do for now. Hope it can help you and any other future AMVers.
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