Final Fantasy 7: What God Has Sent (Remastered Edition)

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Final Fantasy 7: What God Has Sent (Remastered Edition)

Postby BishounenStalker » Thu Dec 19, 2002 4:52 pm

Boy does this suck.

I finally got my first video "What God Has Sent" (check my profile for the vid info link) fully remastered with uber-good capture and sound quality, and brought it down from 71MB to 55MB (thank God for the guides!). Unfortunately, I have nowhere to host it at the moment. I literally have no money to afford a good host (hell, my copy of Premiere 6 was entirely bootlegged off Kazaa), so FilePlanet's my only option.

Unfortunately, I can't put it up on FilePlanet until I go back to school in January. My stupid cable modem here is a one-way only (downloads go through cable, but uploads go through the frellin' phone line), so uploading to FilePlanet takes a century in Sundays.

If you want to see it, you could try getting me on AIM (screename: BishounenStalker). If you can help with my hosting dilemma, PLEASE drop me a line at or catch me on AIM

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