Its finally done! MY FIRST MVID!!

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Its finally done! MY FIRST MVID!!

Postby SS5_Majin_Bebi » Tue Nov 26, 2002 7:35 pm

Hey ppl, just want u 2 know that my first proper AMV is finished and waiting to be approved on Should take a day or 2. Let me tell u a bit about it.

Its called "Its Been Awhile for Vegeta" and as u can guess, its using the song "Its Been Awhile" by Staind. It shows the various struggles that Vegeta has to go through in his life, including his death against Frieza and his suicide against Majin Boo. I accidenataly used the same clip twice (Vegeta preparing to self destruct) but one of the people who have already watched it say that it adds to the effect. I used Adobe Premiere 6.5, and i want to thank the people at for having a huge archive filled with high quality DVD rips.

The file size is 38 megs, and i used DivX 5 as the codec. Some of the clips jump a little because i made the mistake of converting them from AVI to MPEG, as i didnt know premiere 6.5 supported top end avi clips. But overall i dont think its a bad effort for my first postable vid. Oh, id like to thank ShipPagan as well, for letting me commandeer his computer on a number of occasions. Thanks, man.

Ill post another message as soon as the file is approved, until then.....dont drink the water!
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Postby DvWizard » Tue Nov 26, 2002 9:05 pm

Don't use fileplanet. :shock: I'm not waiting in a 100 minute line to download your video. And I doubt anybody else would. Find a webhost or host your videos off your own box. :?
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Postby ShipPagan » Wed Nov 27, 2002 12:18 am

hosting a video off your own box on a 56k or less is worse than having to wait in line at FilePlanet. And not everyone can afford to purchase webspace. Besides, what's so bad about FilePlanet? Set it up, get in line, go off and do your own shit until it's you turn to D/L.
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Postby jonmartensen » Wed Nov 27, 2002 12:38 am

It is a great way for those who can't purchase webhosting.
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Postby DvWizard » Wed Nov 27, 2002 12:43 am

Yah I suppose your right.... , but I didn't buy this cable modem to sit around and wait for hours to download a music video :cry: . I guess I've just been spoiled by it :)
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