Until I Feel New Dawn Bloom

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Until I Feel New Dawn Bloom

Postby The Great Wang » Tue Nov 26, 2002 5:21 pm


Anime: Rurouni Kenshin(series)
Song: Kiss Me Sunlights
Artist: Zone of the Enders OST
Size: 22.6 MB

Seeing how i haven't made a vid since last Febuary(To The Stars), here is a new one from me. This is a kenshin video. it's a fairly short video (2mins) and it turned out decently well, not my best but alright. It revolves around the end of the kyoto series, about the last 15 eps of it. All footage was captured by myself, no downloaded footage here! In all honest truth, there is really no point in this video >_<. I just wanted to make a video because i haven't made one in so long.

It has spoilers from the last few eps of the kyoto series, the whole shishio thing.
enjoy the vid!

Leave an opinion if you want, i might return the favor....~_^

Download here:
it's on the main page.

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