Gundam X & Lifehouse- Can I get a Moment

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Gundam X & Lifehouse- Can I get a Moment

Postby SQ » Sat Nov 23, 2002 3:09 pm

Alright. It's my 2nd vid up on here, and much to all of your happyness, it's in WMV this time. However, this vid wasn't as good as my first one, which I am currently trying to find something that will convert it into WMV. -sigh- Anyway, the AMV, called "Can I get a Moment" starring the anime After War Gundam X's Garoad Rain and Tifa Adil(Oh no you don't rave- I can spell their names however I want, thank you).

Although it's not as complex as my last AMV, and doesn't have a lyric-by-lyric description, I still think it's pretty good for its idea.

The Idea is this: Garoad loves Tifa. Garoad can't display his affection "correctly" with Tifa. Niether can Tifa.

Simplistic, I know. ><

Anyway, the thing I wanted to do with this was make it funny. However, I don't think it is. One person laughed when I made them watch it when it was incomplete, but only during one part(when Garoad burnt his butt, heh.) Then, two other people watched it when it was finished, but didn't laugh at all. So, to put it simply, I don't really know if I achieved my goal.

One of the main things I wanted to put in the amv was Tifa's "Lipstick scene" where she--for some indescribable reason-- is embarrassed to let anyone see her with lipstick on. I tried putting this scene in, but it was so long, and took up almost half the song. I tried shortening it up to no avail. -sigh-

After redoing the whole amv two times, once because my computer froze, the second time because it was corny and didn't catch the viewer's attention well enough(too many scenes of them just talking). SO the outcome is this: Nonstop scenes of Garoad failing to show his affection of Tifa that almost match with the lyrics, but don't really. This came out more like a first-timer vid then a professional one, like my real first-timer vid. >< -sigh-

Anyway, enough of my ranting, here's the low down:

Turn ons: Used WMV format, video feed is about the same as VHS quality

Turn offs: An annoying green line that appears once in a while, ans the sound is somewhat bad quality.


Although I'd appreciate opinions for this amv, I'd rather you watch my FFIX amv and review that, as I think it is much better than this one.
Pssst. It's not really trademarked.

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