4 videos and a fuck up verson 2 up...

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4 videos and a fuck up verson 2 up...

Postby Bahamut God » Tue Oct 22, 2002 1:13 pm

Yeah, that's right. There are not THAT many changes from verson one, I got the lip synicing down. (I could not bring my self to take the time to lip sync the naked part for too long in frount of people, I got some time to sit my my self and sort of do it frame by frame. "Down, and to the left, Down, and to the left, DOWN, and too the left" >_<)

I also changed the ending. While I still make fun of dave, I don't talk so much at the end.

If you want to get it, let me know. I have it up for download on my http server, but it only works in os9. I"m in osx now because I'm riping footage. (about 30 hours to go)

If enough people want to see this, I can send it to you on aim whenever, or I can even put my converting on hold while and go to os9 for a while. (I need to check my e-mail anyway >_< That will take a few days)

Well, that's about it. ^_^

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