DHY- Manic Monday version 2 Available

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DHY- Manic Monday version 2 Available

Postby Souldrake » Wed Sep 25, 2002 11:28 am

Sorry for the delay in getting it out, but it is out now. Fixes/Additions include:

- Added a transition from current to "dream" state in the beginning.

- Fixed the skips/pauses in the "guess I just won't get paid" area

- Added an overlay to the first "Wish it was Sunday" section so its just not doing nothing there.

- Fixed the Lip Synch to "That's my fun day" (first one) to match a bit better.

- Added a quick fade to black at the end of the first chorus.

- Added a roll up transistion to "... was already made"

- Extended the ending, can't help the music just seems to cut off, but made the video come to a better wrap up.

Anyways, its up for those who wish to take a look at it. I'm on Kazza too if you want to get it from me directly, just send me a message or something and I'll put it up for ya.


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