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Postby The Wired Knight » Wed Sep 25, 2002 3:51 pm

Well I don't mean to sound like a bastard here but I do understand where Hsein is coming from. Basically it's considered along the lines of someone making the same AMV idea as you did. While the idea was fine and more than one person can easily come up with the idea it causes problems. There is inevitable comparison and it ends up undermining not just one project, but both in fact. Now I'm not going into the aspects of creating and upholding the project because I don't know that aspect but I am well versed enough in people doing the same AMV as me. What you are doing basically takes it to a grander scale, and while the idea may have been benigniant things just won't go well in the end for either project.

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Postby Hakura » Wed Sep 25, 2002 4:15 pm

I dont mean to sound like an ass too..but with your attitude towards this it's as bad as you name "Rude"

I'm sorry bue even if I wasn't part of the DDR Project, I wouldn't join yours simple because of the way you are treating this.

You ARE taking an orignal idea away from the people that came up with it...

Now...I am NOT against you starting your own project..but for heavens sake...try something else..I know I would love to see someone come up with another big group project.

Instead of ripping of a already awsome idea, sit your self down and think of something new.... I think if you could come up with someing new I'd be interested in seeing how this would go.
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Postby AbsoluteDestiny » Wed Sep 25, 2002 4:26 pm

TommyRude, I dont want to be the one to state the obvious but here goes...

why don't you just choose something that isn't being planned by the first ddr project? There's more than enough mixes of various things even non ddr - you dont have to do the DDR 5th mix. The primary objection seems to be that you've chosen to do the mix that the ddr project have planned already. Maybe if you do a completely different mix, maybe ask Brad and Hsien about which one then if its a sucess then the first DDR project team probably wont need to do that mix in the future because your one will be good. Or you could easily just choose a different game for variety. If the idea is to get more creators into a large fun collaborative project then I dont see why DDR 5th mix is so important when there's lots of other stuff.

The argument is that there are not enough places and maybe also that you think that the ddr project is elitist. OK, fine - but isn't your point equally well made by doing something that wont step on the original project organiser's toes? I mean, you start your first post claiming to be giving them a hand but now it looks like you want this to be in direct rebellious competition by choosing a mix they already have planned and saying TFB.

As I've said to you before I personally have no objection to you doing a ddr mix project of your own - but if you really want it to be a companion to the original project then ok it but don't do one in competition and especially don't do one out of spiteful stubbornness. If you make this project your revenge for something like not being taken seriously by the ddr organisers then you wont get much sympathy from the amv community. Do a project, it will be great. Just dont wage war on the DDR project - it's really pointless and wont win you any favours.
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Postby TommyRude » Wed Sep 25, 2002 4:52 pm

AD: I NEVER intended it to be in competition wit the AWA one. The only people who don't want it to be a companion project are the creators of the first one.
What is so f*cking terrible about making a project wit' hopes of showing it at a con thousands of miles away from the viewing site of its 'brother'? There's no competition, because as is, most west coast fans will never see the DDR project anyway.

Hakura: Well I only pray that we can get along wit'out the artistic mastermind that brought us such LEGENDARY videos as Trigun: Beer.

Look, for the sake of my dwindling sanity, can' y'all jus' grow up? I'm not hurting anyone, an' I'm NOT gonna give up the project. Its too late now an' I've already started handing out tracks. So unless you wanna request a track, shaddap. Sheesh, I'm pretty sure SOMEONE out there thought up the idea of making the hassle of all this more trouble than its worth. Well it ain't gonna work. I'm gonna see this through or die trying.
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Postby AbsoluteDestiny » Wed Sep 25, 2002 5:19 pm

TommyRude wrote:AD: I NEVER intended it to be in competition wit the AWA one.

But you are now. You wanted to do the 5th mix, the ddr project organisers say, um, actually we're doing the 5th mix.

If you didnt want to be in competion you'd choose something else.

Your project has only been running a day or so, I really really dont see why you have to continue with it. I think it would be really great for you to do a project but to be all pig headed about it and say 'well screw you' to the ddr project organisers is pretty childish. I know you probably feel that your back is against the wall now but it isnt - the idea is still sound, just not this particular mix.

The DDR Project organisers did NOT say you cant do any mixes, they just said not to do the 5th mix beause that's already being planned. If you'd asked which mixes aren't planned all of this could be avoided.

However now you're just being stubborn about it because you don't want your pride hurt. Tenacity is a good thing but so is compromise and I think it would be better for everyone involved if you do a project other than one benig planned by the original ddr project organisers. I hear they arent planning on doing all the mixes, so ask them.
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Postby mexicanjunior » Wed Sep 25, 2002 5:21 pm

I still say you do the Saturday Night Fever OST Tommy. =P That would be the greatest project in the history of ever! :D
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Postby Hakura » Wed Sep 25, 2002 5:24 pm

You know what? I don't care what you say about my work, it makes to difference what you say about a video of mine.

I find it funny how you base my opinion off of a video that you didn't like heh... I don't even like that video myself but you know what, I don't freaking care about it.

It's sad when you have to throw an insult about another person to continue posting in the topic, wow real mature..

And I'll have you know that I DO consider myself artistic and others opinions don't matter shit to me.

What you have started here COULD have ended up well, but I think enough people have said that you need to have your own idea.

I'm not going to bother throwing insults back at you simply because you are not worth the time nor the energy it takes to type out the words that come to my mind.

Many people want to end this civily, but it seems you won't let them do that.
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Postby paizuri » Wed Sep 25, 2002 5:31 pm

Hey TommyBoy, here's a hypothetical situation for you...Let's say you and your friends (or at least acquaintances) are unloading furniture from a truck. You're wrestling out a big sofa right now and you and your friends have got your hands full. There's still a few more sofas left in the truck, but first things first, right? Then a COMPLETE STRANGER jumps in and starts trying to wrestle out one of them by himself (seemingly). No words spoken, just runs right in and tries to "help". Wouldn't you be a little alarmed? I know I would.

You talk a lot about respect TRude, but did you even bother to ASK Brad, KusOyaro, or Quu (whom you FAILED to even MENTION, which is a crime in itself considering how much work he's put into the DDR Projects) if they needed/wanted help? Did you ask them if they felt they were being unduly stressed out by these projects? I think it's hard work, but they seem to have things well under control. The funny thing about respect is, it's tough to GET any if you never GIVE any.

And what is this shit about "AMV Ruling Classes"? Who are these purported "rulers" and what exactly are they ruling over? Do they administer AMVs with an iron grip or something? Are they lording it over all the AMV-dom citizenry, living a lavish and depraved lifestyle while the AMV peons toil in the fields? All this class/social conflict is all in your head. I don't really care about this savior-complex you seem to have and I don't think most of the other people on the forums/mailing lists do either, but really, I think you're being a little paranoid. You're trying to pick a fight with a figment of your imagination and that is ultimately useless. If you think that there are AMV creators that are too "powerful" then it's your fault for granting them such "power" over you as you choose to let them have.

TommyRude wrote:See, I'm not content to sit back an let the 'ruling class' handle all the big scrary stuff. I know you would like to believe that there are only 4 or 5 people on the face of the earth who could organize a project like this, but some of us have a slightly more realistic view of the world.

The realistic view on larger-scale projects like the DDR project is that it DOES take a certain amount of expertise to pull off. You can't pull any old person off the street, no matter how much enthusiasm they may initially have, and expect a golden egg every time. More often than not, you're just gonna have a pile of goose shit. So what does this mean in terms of selecting people to do DDR tracks? My guess is that they pick people who they can DEPEND on to get the tracks done. If they run out of those people, then they ask those people who they would think is a good editor and so on and so forth. If you're a little known creator, haven't gotten your videos shown widely and have no friends, yeah, you may not have a good chance of getting in on the original DDR project. Does that make you a bad creator? Not necessarily. There are a shitload of wildly talented people in this world that go through their entire lives unappreciated. THAT is reality for you.

TommyRude wrote:Again wit the doomed to fail thing. Why not jus' sit back an see how things pan out before YOU decide this project isn't goin anywhere.

Maybe I don' know what I'm getting into, but unlike most people, I don' let that stop me.

You're not doomed to failure, that's just a prediction. Consider it a weather forecast. There's a reason that they make you take driving tests before they give you your driver's license. Even so, most driver's tests are piss-poor preparations for the real thing and a lot of learning is done on the road. Brad, Kusoyaro, and Quu already have one project under their belts and have taken what they learned from their first experience and put it to good use this time around. I'll bet that they're still learning some good lessons this go around and that'll make next year's even better. How much experience do you have in large-scale video editing projects? Are you good at editing? Are you good at organizing? Are you good at making deadlines? How well do you deal with stress? There's a difference between skydiving and jumping out of a plane with a parachute on. In one case, you took a little time and prepared yourself by taking lessons and, in general, you land safely. In the other case, you're most likely a bloody pulp on the ground. Blind faith can only take you so far. Me? I prefer to stack the odds as much as I can in my favor, but your callous disregard of just about everyone probably means you won't be getting much help. I doubt you would recognize constructive criticism if it jumped in front of you wearing a flashing neon sign. I just feel sorry for the people who place their trust in you.

TommyRude wrote:I'm gonna see this through or die trying.

I, for one, am looking forward to a big flaming car wreck on the side of the road to AX.

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Postby TommyRude » Wed Sep 25, 2002 6:44 pm

AD: First of all, Hsiens crew ISN'T planning the 5th mix vid. They are planning on planning it. According to ermac, the only mix that wouldn't piss off the AWA crew is is the Solo Bass Mix. Basically, they think every mix from 2nd to 7th is their's by some kinda devine right.
Why am I bein' stubborn? Few reasons.
1) I've already promised tracks to a dozen or so people
2) It DOES bother me that people are laying down these unspoken 'copyright' laws on the mixes.
3) And yes, pride comes into play. Y'all said I can't, so therefore I will.

MJ: Hey, so mix it, we'll consider it :P

Paizuri: Actually, Quu's cool wit the idea. He jus' didn't like the possibility of me keepin people from the AWA one. Cept now, Hsien is. Hmmm......wonder what he's gonna think of THAT.
Now y'wanna talk about respect, all respect I had for brad went out the window when he stole $4 from me at AX. All respect I had for Hsien (which was a lot since he's one of the early influences I had in AMVs) went out the window when this little fiasco got started. You hit the nail on the head, old buddy. "You don't give any, you don't get any." That works both ways.
If you don' understand what I mean about the ruling class, you're blind.
Now, you talk about CAN I do it? In all brutal honesty, I can't say. I think I can, so stuff it. Am I good at editing? I'm not even gonna justify that wit a response. Am I good at orginazation? Y'damn right. Deadlines? No problem. Stress? Stress I can handle, is' bullsh*t that drives me up the wall.
The thing that gets me (an' I've said this before), is you people all act like no one but the chosen few are CAPABLE of pulling it off. I'm not Brad, so why should I try? I'll tell ya' why. Cuz I can.

So until the AWA crew gets exclusive rights from Konami to be the only ones allowed to use the DDR soundtracks, Hsien, an' anyone else who doubts me or my motives can wander into a dark alley an' offed for all I care.
Even if we do fail, I'll at least walk out wit a much clearer view of the kinda people who REALLY make up this comunity.
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Postby SpPANDA » Wed Sep 25, 2002 6:56 pm

jesus, people...
i forgot why i even take the time to make anime music videos anymore...
it used to be for fun.
it used to be a hobby..
it used to even be a way to meet other people and make friends...

i didn't think everyone would take such fan stuff seriously...
i mean... listen to yourselves...

"i hope you fail tommy!" "that's not your idea tommy!" "that's OUR idea tommy!"

jesus... it's like we own the anime.. or the music we work with...
even if the concepts are unoriginal... how many of those 40000 linkin park 'in the end' videos got this much crap for making their videos?
i mean.. seriously.
i want to make a DBZ video to 'in the end'. who's going to give me crap? "you cant do that... because we thought of it first." is that the argument?

DDR projects... even if the music is the exact same...
the anime...and footage would be 100% different. it's like... me making an 'Iron Lung' video... to effing Chobits.
is it my song to fucking tell people not to touch?

someone saw one of my videos and asked me if it was ok to continue the project he/she was working on. they felt they were ripping me off by working with the same song. you know what i told them? "to hell with it. finsh your video. it shouldn't matter." why? because no one...

no one ever uses the same transitions..
same effects...
same layout... and same timing...
even if the song and the anime were the same...
the out come would be completely different.

sure... tommy could have been a bit more creative.
and sure... the DDR project people thought of it first...
but why dwell on it? why would they worry so much? even if it was for fun? it'lll look completely different when the other guys make theirs.

i'm just completly shocked to see how serious this is escalating...
no one is getting paid for it...
so why bother?

i think we all need to grow up and just... go back to the days when AMVs were more for fun than competition.

grown men fighting over anime music videos...
look at yourselves. :?
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Postby Castor Troy » Wed Sep 25, 2002 7:05 pm

SpPANDA wrote:i think we all need to grow up and just... go back to the days when AMVs were more for fun than competition.

*sits in his rocking chair*

Back in my day... *blabbers*

Now I make amvs to take over planets. :twisted:
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Postby mexicanjunior » Wed Sep 25, 2002 7:08 pm

Wow! Tis a strange day indeed when the Spamda makes the most sense of anyone. :shock:
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Postby SpPANDA » Wed Sep 25, 2002 7:10 pm

mexicanjunior wrote:Wow! Tis a strange day indeed when the Spamda makes the most sense of anyone. :shock:

i make sense?

now i'm scared....
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Postby Freako » Wed Sep 25, 2002 7:14 pm

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Postby Ikasu » Wed Sep 25, 2002 8:00 pm

hahahha....I love this thread...=D
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