Updated My AMV "Syaoran's Confession" -- Please Re

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Updated My AMV "Syaoran's Confession" -- Please Re

Postby Essence Knight » Fri Sep 13, 2002 1:41 pm

This is the last time I post a topic on this I swear. =^^=

I watched my AMV, "Syaoran's Confession" a few times after posting it again and found a lot of timing issues I wanted to correct and scenes that just bothered me. (Usually when mouths were moving.) So I altered it framewise.

Additionally I finally got my export in DV AVI from Premiere to work! Seems I had a common problem of not changing the audio format. So now rather then the quality that was up before (exported in standard AVI and no inverse telecining) now I have employed both to make a far better looking picture. Its still not DVD footage **cries** but I wanted to make sure people got this cleaner version if they already got the one I premiered with. I just finally got it back online.

Read my Journal for Additional Details on this Update

Actual Video Link

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