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Postby Eiji » Wed Sep 11, 2002 4:39 am

Little Star

It is hard to beleive it is only about two weeks after my last video. But this video, titled Little Star was made on a whim. I heard the right song, and it went with the only footage I had, but had yet to make a video for...Escaflowne The Movie. It took me about 4 days to rip, encode, and then piece together this video. It may not be as good as my last video. I'm pretty sure I didn't include any spoilers that haven't been in other videos, so I didn't mark it as having spoilers, here on

But I noticed a few problems that I didn't see until I started to peice together the video. But I wasn't going to go back and re-rip and re-encode the entire movie just cause a parts were in Widescreen and others were. But I think for the parts that overlapped the Fullscreen made it look a little bit better.

So enjoy, and if you enjoy it enough, leave an opinion. ;)

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