A hardly new AMV! Ninja Scroll/Down With the Sickness. :-P

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A hardly new AMV! Ninja Scroll/Down With the Sickness. :-P

Postby silentdragon » Mon Sep 09, 2002 11:44 pm


The above link is in its ghetto stage until further construction

I know some people (101 to be exact) have tried to access my video Ninja Scroll/Disturbed/The Sickness since I put it up in August. Well, I am announcing the re-release of the video, in a better spec and a working link. Not that it didn't work before, but when I got booted off of dhs.org because they started charging for their service, I was forced to sign up with a new redirect service. Problem is, a-m-v.org interface wouldn't let me update the original video's URL link data. So, I am re-releasing it better and with two indirect links leading to the same computer.

Please download this video. I am telling you, it is a very good first video. You ask why waste the bandwidth? After this, you won't look at Ninja Scroll the same way again. :D
Also, I have a Lodoss Wars/Duran Duran/Dance Into The Fire vid that I am putting up soon...even better than this one, and a hell of alot less violence, cleaner, better effects, and is romantic/drama/action.


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