Gore and Horror Vids!!!!

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Gore and Horror Vids!!!!

Postby tetsuo93108 » Sun Sep 01, 2002 2:08 pm

OK THAT IS IT!!!! :evil: I AM SICK AND TIRED OF THESE SO CALLED "GORE" AND HORROR VIDEOS!!!! whenever i get back to my house and my comp i will be doing a good horror video!!!! (faces of death had really nice editing and the video kicked ass) but there was not ENOUGH gore or blood.i have searched and searched for a real bloody gorey video. so i will be doing one.... :!: :!: :!: with the right music too it has to be death metal!!!!!!!! mandatory suicide by decapitated!!! i will give u a short list of the animes i will be using :

the guyver
psycho diver
twilight of the dark master
shadow skill epilogue
shadow skill movie
ninja ressurection (maybe it is pretty over used)
Kite (also over used)
MD Giest
angel cop *the collection*
boogiepop phantom

that is just a short list so if u like horror and gore u should like this video. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
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Postby Freako » Sun Sep 01, 2002 2:36 pm

and you left BERserk off the list?
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Postby tetsuo93108 » Sun Sep 01, 2002 5:02 pm

notice i said short list.......
and berserk is highly over used....
but i still might use it i am not sure
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Postby Kamoc » Sun Sep 01, 2002 9:13 pm

chug in silent hill 2 or 3 for some freaky ass atmosphere and i'll download it.
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Postby mexicanjunior » Tue Sep 03, 2002 6:42 pm

Hmmm...I've always wanted to do a horror video. Perhaps I'll scrounge together some bloody footage. =P
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Postby TokyoU15 » Tue Sep 03, 2002 11:45 pm

bah, Berserk isn't all that gorey. Sure it has a couple of scenes, but man if you want Gore, get the manga man. Now THAT is fucking gorey like a motherfucker. Good stuff.
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