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Postby PhReAkAzOiD187 » Tue Aug 27, 2002 9:10 pm

Here it is people, my newest creation that i finally got up and hosted! It's called Teksetter!:

anime: Tekkaman Blade
song: Van Halen - Right now

yeah yeah, i know doki doki did a right now video really good but this is completely on the other spectrum than his. mine is action/character profile. i've gotten good reviews on it already from people that i've been able to distribute it to earlier. This anime is an older one but a good one, i know not many people have seen it but you'll enjoy this video nonetheless. here's the link:

http://www.animemusicvideos.org/legacy/ ... hp?v=10600

and here's a repost of my older but widely liked comedy, which i got re-encoded and is now almost 3 times smaller than before (believe it or not)

Hooked on Ebonics:

I put a lot of work into Teksetter! and i hope i can get some reviews out of you guys, i'd like to know what i did good/bad on this video. it'd be extremely cool of you and it would help me out a lot. hopefully no 1 liners but i take whatever comes my way!


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