N00b Love Hina AMV Song: Complicated - Avril Lavigne

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N00b Love Hina AMV Song: Complicated - Avril Lavigne

Postby dzy_1 » Tue Aug 20, 2002 7:42 pm

Its my first AMV on love hina (one of my fav series) since its my first AMV or MV for that matter, plz overlook the minor transition glitches (did it in 1 day (7 hours)). Its currently on mIRC, irc.aniverse.com in channel #junkiesdistro(private) and later will be in #animejunkies(ask for the password to junkies distro in here from a op). ARIGATO GOZAIMASU! and btw how do i add my AMV to the list?

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Postby RichLather » Tue Aug 20, 2002 7:45 pm

You do have an account on the main site, do you not?

The procedure there for entering one's video into the database is so simple evne I could do it.

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Postby KLin » Tue Aug 20, 2002 10:28 pm

You'd be surprised. There's seems to be a large influx of new members that are forum only. (Phade really ought to create a link of some sort that joins the main site and the forums, but anyways...)

This is how you enter a video into the database, step by step:

Step 1. Login to your members account at www.animemusicvideos.org (Or create one first if you haven't already)

Step 2. Once logged into your members account, search the top left-hand menu bar for a link entitled: ENTER NEW VIDEO

Step 3. Check the categories your video falls under. Type in the date your video premiered (yy/mm/dd format). Check the Lip Synch or Digital Effects boxes if you've got either one or both. Then under comments write a nice description as long as you feel necessary to describe your video. You can include technical aspects like how long it took you to make your video here. Entering a studio is optional. Click Continue.

Step 4. Enter in the artist and the song you utilized in your video here. If you are using a brand new artist, you can enter it into the database by clicking new artist (make absolutely sure it's not going by some other name) Then you type in the name in the window that should pop up. Once you've selected the artist you can then choose the song title from a drop down box, if the artist is brand new there will be no songs listed and you should click on new song to enter in a new song for that artist. Click Continue.

Step 5. Choose the anime or whatever video source is used in your video. Like before if you are adding something new make sure it's not already in the database. Several series are mentioned multiple times already. If your source begins with a non-alphabetical character choose it from the /all/ list. Checking the S next to a source will indicate that you have spoilers from that series in your video, checking an I will mean that it's included in your video. Click Continue.

Step 6. Enter in the link to download the video from and all the file information you can get about your video. In your case you could make an indirect link to the #irc channel and should probably include directions for obtaining it in your description. Don't worry if you can't supply every bit of information just try to at least enter in the file size, length of the video, and file type at least. Click Continue.

Step 7. If you wish to enter your video into a CON, you can do so here. I haven't entered any myself so I'm not sure of the process but it should also be straight-forward.

Step 8. Click continue one last time and that's all tubby toasters! Voila, your video now appears under your members page. For how to read opinions left behind on your video and respond to them, see the faqs

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