The Lost Prince Aomine (newbie's AMV)

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The Lost Prince Aomine (newbie's AMV)

Postby szopen » Sat Feb 08, 2014 4:10 am

TO THE MODERATOR: I am so stupid. Forgot to include the link to the anime. This is a modified message with a link.

Here it is: my first ever Anime Music Video. The words do not fit exactly, so don't worry if you don't get Polish.

EDIT: How to replace a video in animevideos catalogues with a new link to a new, updated version?

Created with ffmpeg, kdenlive and gimp, the opensource tools. Kdenlive has a lot of features, but it crashes A LOT. So I learned to save every minute or so and as a result, creating the AMV was utterly frustrating experience.

He said he has no reason to live
He explained he has nothing
Because he lost his home and his dreams from the youth
He had no strength to stop his tears

He had not enjoyed a passing day
He wasn't waiting for first sun's ray
He wasn't smiling, constantly wiping away his tears
He thought "I am alone, maybe I am bad?"

He was like fog, invisible, mysterious
He was like fragile rose flower
He was like silent wind, completely free, yet lonely
Like a bottomless ocean, unhappy

He said this is not his world
He wanted to get back to the place where a sould is born
Where he left this most important thing
Great friendship and love beyond death (to the basketball :) )

He was like fog...

So keep going, my lost prince
Search for the happiness, I know you will find it
And you will recover your lost dreams
Because you are not alone
And you are not bad.

Replay: Edited post to direct to VIDID
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Re: The Lost Prince Aomine (newbie's AMV)

Postby Mol » Sun Feb 09, 2014 4:25 am

Not bad for a first vid, and its even done under linux, that must have been painfull process :P. :up:

Bardzo przyzwoity klipek jak na pierwszy :) Jest calkiem sporo synchronizacji z samymi dzwiekami , co jest wielkim plusem. Intepretacja piosenki dosc dziwna, ale to akurat maly szkopul. Niezly start :wink:
Still better than that MMO.

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Re: The Lost Prince Aomine (newbie's AMV)

Postby Replay Studios » Tue Feb 11, 2014 1:00 am

left a comment on yt ^^

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