Beyblade AMV - Paradise (What About Us?)

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Beyblade AMV - Paradise (What About Us?)

Postby BladEra123 » Sat Oct 19, 2013 6:48 pm

The story in this AMV takes place from the perspective of the Shadow Bladers. The seal of the four Dark Spirits has been set free after a long time and has come back to destroy the world with it's powers, with the help of four young children whom gets possessed by the Spirits. Their goal is to capture Daichi's bit-beast, Strata Dragoon and possess Daichi with their Dark Spirit to complete their aim to take over the world.
With the help of our heroes, Tyson, Kai, Max and Ray there will be a big showdown going on to decide whether if the Light will win or the Dark.
I used this song because this AMV shows the perspective of the Shadow Bladers and how they really felt and what they wanted, they have been seeking for help deep inside, it's not a paradise for them, being locked behind the walls without sound and light. But they will still fight for what they want, even though it won't give them any good.
--- Thanks for watching. ---
Video: Beyblade AMV - Paradise (What About Us?)
Category: Action, Serious, Character Profile
Anime: Beyblade Movie: Fierce Battle
Song: Paradise (What About Us?)
Artist: Within Temptation
Creator: BladEra123
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