Beyblade AMV - Shot In The Dark

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Beyblade AMV - Shot In The Dark

Postby BladEra123 » Sat Jul 06, 2013 8:21 am

Accepting the truth for Zeo was difficult and so was realizing the facts about his betrayal for the BladeBreakers.
Both sides were left unsure of each other and right after Zeo challenges his friends, the plot takes a different direction and Zeo, was convinced that he is machine, in order to become a human he had to forcefully fight his own friends to take over their bit-beasts so he could also get a chance to breathe. Did Tyson and the crew knew about his story? They were left unsure for days, or even months as they saw Zeo demolish everyone in the Bey-Stadium; He took away Kai's and Max's loved Bit-Beasts. But was it all worth it?
Right after the battle between Tyson and Zeo starts in the AMV, Tyson then realizes that Zeo is not a human, therefore he starts to look at his past with Zeo's betrayal in a more convincing way than before. Still to protect his team and his Dragoon, he continues to fight him to the end until there was only one winner standing, but in the end, Tyson convinced Zeo that being a bit different doesn't mean we can't stay as friends. Listening to Tyson, Zeo realizes that Tyson is right in this point and it was never worth to fight his own friends whom can comfort him more than the victory.
I also showed the rock drop clip just before the actual battle between Tyson and Zeo starts to connect the point that Zeo was once a real human, but after his death caused by a car accident, he was recreated in the most identical form by Zagart (Zeo's father) into a machine.
This AMV shows betrayal between best friends, but they are once again united together after the coincidence they had, because true friendship never ends with a fight.
---Thanks for watching. =)---
Video: Beyblade AMV - Shot In The Dark
Category: Action, Drama, Serious, Character Profile, Sentimental
Anime: Beyblade V - Force
Song: Shot In The Dark
Artist: Within Temptation
Creator: BladEra123
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