Debut Video: The Transformers: Headmasters Trailer

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Debut Video: The Transformers: Headmasters Trailer

Postby JazzyDJ » Mon May 13, 2013 11:05 pm

Image ... p?v=191966

Video: The Transformers: Headmasters PPV Trailer
Category: Trailers, Action
Anime: The Transformers (G1), Transformers, The Headmasters.
Songs: Transformers The Movie Alternate Theme (Remixed by Asis Galvin), Planet Cybertron Rock 2004 (Remix of Transformers theme by Tony Bacala), Unstoppable
Artists: Vince DiCola, Stan Bush, Tony Bacala, E.S. Posthumus
Creator: JazzyDJ (also known as Rodimus or DJ80s.)

This is my first official AMV release anywhere and most of the traditional "AMV" style isn't featured until in the 2nd half of the video. It was devised with multiple things in mind. I wanted to get some exposure, specifically for voice talent, to the Transformers English dub project. But also since I have never done a complete video before and many of the members of the org here have helped me in my journey to learn, I also wanted to put my editing skills to the test and see what I could do. Being a trailer, this obviously isn't what you consider your classic AMV - it wasn't intended to be. It also wasn't intended to be like your typical trailer that is usually seen at the org.. In my experience, most video editors seem to do trailers using audio simply taken in full from some other commercial trailer. But I had the idea of creating an entirely original and new audio for this project, enhanced by multiple music tracks that have been remixed, and feature our voice actors along with sound effects to enhance the action. (It is a trailer for a dub adaptation, after all.) It's not a parody, as most trailers at the org tend to be, but an all original trailer created from scratch. I hope that everyone enjoys what they see and is entertained!

I am very excited for your feedback and critique, because that is exactly what will help me to grow and make better videos in the future!
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Re: Debut Video: The Transformers: Headmasters Trailer

Postby Mol » Thu May 23, 2013 3:48 am

This is quite impressive for a first amv, congrats on completing this. :up:

It has quite decent effects , even tho they don't fit that much to this old animation. But they are quite stylish and look pretty cool , so i guess there isn't much o complain about.

Editing itself was good. Sync is rather well done for the most part , but i feel like it's starts to feel rather bland/weak in 2nd part. It can also be just my bad attention span tho. :p I felt like this should be 1-2 mins shorter , especially for a trailer this a bit long. I kinda liked lips sync tho, pretty good.

Pretty solid job :up:
Still better than that MMO.

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