Maka and Soul: Soul Hunters

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Re: Maka and Soul: Soul Hunters

Postby Hagaren Viper » Sun Jun 02, 2013 1:06 am

Whoops, I'm seriously slacking on replies here :uhoh:

Really glad you all like it though! It's great to have this much fun with a video and have others enjoy it so much too.

CodeZTM wrote:My post today for the "Let's Get Active" campaign in General AMV! Grading Scale under spoiler.

You know, I totally was going to participate in the Get Active event but then... school happened, I think.

Looking back, I think I agree with you about the logo? I was just emulating what was done in the trailer which was static in the end but it wouldn't have been bad to change things a little. Also, I ended up buying the blurays as soon as I finished this vid so my next SE vid will be HD.

Thanks for the comment! I love me some detailed Code reviews |:>

BecauseImBored1 wrote:Very cool! Better than my version was gonna be so scraping it! AMAZING JOB

Ha, hope I didn't cause you to scrap your AMV. Thanks though!

Koopiskeva wrote:Pretty well thought out there, but I'm glad I never saw that movie. :P

Yeaaah, the movie is pretty much as good as you think it is. Not missing too much...

seasons wrote:I don't know if this is the best trailer/parody-style AMV I've ever seen. But it's probably my favorite and possibly the coolest video I've seen from you yet.

That's no small feat given my disdain for the original trailer, which I saw a few times at the movies late last year.

Great work!

Oh wow, thats high praise there, thank you! Especially if the original trailer bugged you... I didn't see much of this one in theaters but I know how annoying repeated trailers can be.

AimoAio wrote:Oh you've made some nice changes since I last saw it! :D 1:05ish with the creepy kid section looks so much better, you can feel the sense of horror coming from the mother more easily now. :up: I still question the lack of impact of the scene at 1:45 where they're falling but it's a minor issue. Really nice scene selection and sync overall, great work! :up:

Yeah, Im glad I ended up shuffling those scenes, thank you for pointing them out! To be honest I didn't know what else to do at 1:45, as I needed to keep in mind Soul and the sfx, and Soul really doesn't have a lot of dynamic scenes. Besides, falling is really scary to some people-!

JadeCharm wrote:I so totally love your stuff! :3
Sometimes I thought the sounds and the action going on didn't really fit but the facial expressions were awesome :D
You are really good in making trailers. Very nice combination! :up:

Thanks so much! I do admit I really had to stretch some of the sound effects to match the scenes I wanted sometimes. I've actually had a couple of trailers I've had on my mind for years, maybe I'll give them a go later?

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