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Re: [madaraxD] Empty [Big Contest 2013]

Postby [madaraxD] » Thu May 02, 2013 2:32 am

ibabrak wrote:I love it, man. :awesome: Good job :up:

Thank you bro :3
Gorz wrote:EmptyheART!!! legit stuff good job Mike :up:

LMAO XD, ngrfgtOP
-Kyros- wrote:Bravo Mike :D
you are very good at making this kind of videos , apart from that I really liked that color :ying: in terms of editing you see that add new things to your amv
the only downside are from 1:44 to 1:57 , I felt like a part of a little thrown at random , for other things it's okay :up:
GL for Big Contest

Thanks for your comment Ciro :pizza:
iGREASE wrote:5 years later and I'm still mad.


MimS wrote:It's so cool sonavubitch!

u french bastard! :aimkissyface:
Theredflash66 wrote:This vid is sexy :ying:

MimS wrote:It's so cool sonavubitch!

:awesome: Thank you dude!
Cecco wrote:Good work mike,GL! :)

Thx Cecco gl for you as well!
TheCacoVenom wrote:lol some parts are similar to Pencilhead but I like.

Good luck

Caco! nice to see u around here :3 muchas gracias!
Centurione wrote:I knew your effects would make it look much better :up:

Great job on this one, it's really pleasant to watch. And so cute :ying:

Good luck in BC! |:>

Thank you Ewa! |:>
pan_dbgt01 wrote:I really enjoyed this.

Glad you like it :up:
Chiiisus wrote:I really liked the concept you had with this video, plus the music! :ying:

I liked the editing in this video, aside from too much of the bright transition and I thought your colour correction was really awesome. Although, I've watched the video 3 or 4 times now and no matter how hard I try I can't really feel any emotion when I watch it, and with this type of song/video I usually bawl like a little child from all of the OHGODWHYAREN'TTHEYTOGETHER feelings that I usually I get. D:

The editing and everything was really solid, but for me it was missing the emotional atmosphere of the song. ;__;

It was a nice watch though and it had a lot of potential, and I'm excited to see what you come up with next! :3

Thanks for the long feedback Chiiisus and ;_; i will work more hard in the emotional part next time, thankies!
GeneralGuyAmv wrote:Okay! So here is my "honest opinion" on this amv!

I'd say the drew parts were the most orginal of the amvs but overall, sometime, I think rythm was missing! The music goes so fast sometime and anime so slow...but still, this is on true tears! A slow anime after all! And the way it has been edited is quite unique!

Thanks for your comment GG :beer:
TritioAFB wrote:Ya habia dejado mis pensamientos en la news :up:

Sin embargo, no lo compararia aun con PaperHeart, pero de algo debe empezarse no? Por lo menos le estas dando su oportunidad

Me sirvio como testeo y más que nada como ¨vent¨ para muchas cosas, así que me quedo conforme =), gracias por el comment Tritio :3
post-it wrote:Quoted Image converted to link:

Glad you like it! :D

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