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Wrestling amv's

Postby ClaudiusValentine » Sun Jan 13, 2013 9:32 am

Graveyard Symphony is the name of undertakers theme before it got remixed a thousand times the original theme has taker talking creepy though it. anyone who's in there 20's will know of this theme and probably haven't herd it since they were like 10 or so (released early 90's)
1.Graveyard Symphony

Spirit of Kane II may cause seizures it has lots of blinking towards the end. it may not have the same series but it has the same meaning that the character has the spirit of wwe's kane in side them. this time in a female from elfen lied.
2.Spirit of Kane II.

heres part 2 of my ministry series using the first ministry theme called Dark side yes thats what its called you people need to stop calling the theme in my graveyard video dark side because its not that theme is called spirits of the undertaker while this theme is from volume 3 LOOK IT UP!! i used the same show supernatural to give the video more continuation feel to it like Friday the 13th 2 3 4 ect.
3.The Ministry of Darkness II.

now this theme is from the biggest group in wwe history ran by vince's son shane. when they walked to the ring there was at least 20 superstars the group was formed because of the rock & austin was getting too big as fan favorites the group made austin & rock work together for the first time. the only problem with the group is was about vince when undertakers ministry was going against vince it just didn't me sense at all.
4. The Devil's Corporate Ministry.
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Re: Wrestling amv's

Postby ClaudiusValentine » Sun Jan 13, 2013 9:59 am

im entering this to let you know whats coming up for me. well im done with the wrestling videos next im doing a few slow songs to clam down for a bit then im banging out a set of 5 ozzy amv's close to 10 videos all together then im taking a long break im going to find other things to do im soo getting board of this but i have to get these ideas out first.



1. FF8 EYE'S ON ME. (not the ending theme)

2. FF8 I STILL REMEMBER (its funny cause i dont remember this lol)


4. FF7 FIGHTING/STILL MORE FIGHTING (cant have a final fantasy amv without ff7 fighting themes)

5. FF10-2 1000 words (yes that song :D)



2. CRAZY TRAIN. (cant have ozzy amv's without his most famous song ever)


4. DIARY OF A MADMAN (im going to take my time with this because of its famousness)



ok so im 1 off big deal its 11 videos in a few month time i wont be able to do these that fast but these are my last videos for awhile. if anyone has any idea's for the ozzy videos which series to use please let me know in message because i have no idea which series i should use for diary of a madman.now i have to use something that will fit the song perfectly i definitely want it dark/creepy as it can get.

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Re: Wrestling amv's

Postby ClaudiusValentine » Thu Jan 17, 2013 1:27 am

to anyone reading you do realize that the final fantasy songs are going to be final fantasy gmv's right
what ever game the song goes to is what its gonna be so im doing ff8 tribute ff7 fighting tribute and two ff10 tributes with 1 ff9 tribute after i beat the game of course hehe. the ozzy songs ill put together with some freaky anime like wicked city. again ill be needing help on the diary of a madman video ill need some advice on which anime to use.

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