My first AMV [SAO ~ Fight]

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My first AMV [SAO ~ Fight]

Postby GrimPhantasm » Wed Jan 09, 2013 6:47 am

Well I posted this in the wrong section before (silly me, being a member for many years and just getting around to using the site). Well since my topic was not moved and I am not really getting any input on it I am reposting.

It has been a while now but still this is my first AMV that I have made and it is the first time I have used any video editing software. ... p?v=190179

Anime: Sword Art Online (Arc One Content)
Song: Fight
Artist: Icon For Hire

Feel free to comment here or on youtube. I appreciate the input and will hopefully use it to better myself next time! (excuse some of the clipping that happens because I didn't realize I had to overlay the clips to fade in and out well so I had to do that last minute and still try to sync it all correctly).
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Re: My first AMV [SAO ~ Fight]

Postby CodeZTM » Sun Jan 13, 2013 11:40 pm

The primary problem I had with the video is that it's just one incredibly long scene from the second episode. Yes, there's cutting and syncing going on, but with only one episode to go on, it gets old fairly quickly. From there, it goes onto two/three different fighting scenes from some of the more popular episodes, without much rhyme/reason to it. I feel like a more solid concept of what the video was trying to accomplish, and a tad more focus in scene selection would have turned this into a much more enjoyable piece.

Still, it had a compelling mood to it, and the sources seemed to match well enough. It just ultimately needed more variety and focus.
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Re: My first AMV [SAO ~ Fight]

Postby GrimPhantasm » Mon Jan 14, 2013 9:13 am

Well like I said it was the first one I made, I realized an hour into editing it that "Oh I only have one episode in here, crap" so instead of taking a bunch out I just moved on and such. I appreciate the comments though as they will help me for whenever I get around to making another one~~ Thank you!
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