Double Bind (Samurai Champloo Song Collaboration & AMV)

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Double Bind (Samurai Champloo Song Collaboration & AMV)

Postby Lodey » Thu Dec 06, 2012 9:23 pm

Hello everyone, this is a song I finished yesterday with my friend and fellow musician, Little Tundra, I edited the video and thought I'd try posting it here for feedback. It's mostly a straight-forward edit, hard cuts timed to the music, some transparent overlays and flash dissolves, etc. It's a laid-back song, so the video in a way reflects that.

The reason why I used Samurai Champloo is due to the name of the song ("a predicament in which two possible choices are equally unacceptable or unpleasant") and the situations the three main characters faced at the end of the series. Not sure if Champloo is overdone, but it was a natural choice due to the hip-hop origins of the song and its sampled nature. Hope you all like it, but I understand if it isn't well-received due to the low octane nature of it (the highlight being the end sequence).

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