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Postby beige » Fri Jul 27, 2012 5:28 pm

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Re: People

Postby Chained(E)Studio » Wed Aug 01, 2012 10:58 pm

That was nice for your first AMV!

My only complaint(s) is that it was bit faster with some more clips involved and there's not really any difference between the pattern of scenes; most being same length.

Hurry with the next one ='p !!! ='3

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Re: People

Postby Kevmaster » Thu Aug 02, 2012 4:10 am

Oh, so there is an announcement thread for this one. I'm the guy who left you that free surprise-opinion so you know what I think :O But I guess I can sum it up for this thread:

The video has a pretty interesting concept, something I don't recall seeing in any other video before.

While it seemed to drag on at parts, that was actually something I didn't even consider bad because it made it very calm and relaxing. However, repetive videos like this one (especially when it surprasses the average-length) could turn into a pain to get through.

It is very consistent and the concept is portrayed very clearly throughout the whole video.
The Video doesn't seem to have any sort of climax though which would have gotten me more into it. It all seemed like a huge build-up but if portrayed in a graph, it'd be a still line.
There was basically nothing happening. The video just floated by without leaving me anything to think about other than what could have happened but didn't.
You could have switched scenes more often and let more things happen than general shots of the characters being alone, together alone or together.
You could have, for example, tried to portray why these characters are alone and not only that they are.

Audio- and Video encoding were perfect. You got the best out of your sources.

It was a good first video. It showed a lot of potential, so I really hope you keep the video editing up. Regardless of the netative aspects, I actually did enjoy watching the video as it looked thought-of. Keep up that kind of effort for future videos and I'm sure you'll get some fans. I will definitely keep and eye on your future releases.

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Re: People

Postby Fall_Child42 » Sat Aug 04, 2012 11:17 am

And here I was thinking I'd go back and be the first to reply.

I actually really liked this video.
It's very slow, very static and not much goes on, but I think if anything did happen it would ruin the entire point.

It's like an Art-House AMV.

I chose this video to be reviewed by a bunch of editors to get it a little more exposure but I had to drop out at the last moment, so I'm not sure if they'll include it when I'm not there.

anyways nice work. Hope to see more stuff soon.

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