#AMV-Review #58: butterflo's "Love 2.0"

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#AMV-Review #58: butterflo's "Love 2.0"

Postby Melanchthon » Mon Nov 12, 2012 10:00 pm

Here is the chat log for the latest video review, of Love 2.0. I have the editor's permission to post this.

Spoiler :
<Melanchthon> Is there anyone here yet?
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<Melanchthon> Hello.
<CodeZTM> Hey
<Melanchthon> Looks like it's just us two for the moment.
<Melanchthon> Have you seen the video for review?
<CodeZTM> Yes, I actually have this one in a playlist I watch here and there.
<Melanchthon> What do you think of it as a character profile?
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<Melanchthon> Hello.
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<CodeZTM> As a character profile for non-fans of the show, it doesn't do much for me. For fans, I can see where it might make sense.
<CodeZTM> But it really does bring out her colorful character quite well.
<CodeZTM> With emphasis on the word "colorful".
<~Kionon> I have no idea who the character is.
<Melanchthon> I see the character as being quite cheerful and bubbly.
<~Kionon> I do like the fact that it isn't a standard resolution.
<~Kionon> It also just felt more like a M@D to me.
<CodeZTM> I love the unique resolution. That's what really adds to the video. You can see how she's not a typical girl doing typical things, and sort of just pops all over the screen whenever she wants.
* Otohiko (~Otohiko@synIRC-F771124A.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined #amv-review
<Melanchthon> It's quite experimental for something on the org.
<Otohiko> sorry, forgot about the time
<Melanchthon> Hello.
<Otohiko> are we live?
<Melanchthon> We are.
<Melanchthon> You've got the video link?
<CodeZTM> We're talking about the video resolution and the character profiling atm.
<Otohiko> getting it now
<Melanchthon> Does knowing what the Japanese characters mean help at all?
<~Kionon> I can't tell you, I'm not in a position to go back and watch.
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<CodeZTM> I assumed they meant something along the lines of "love" or "like".
<Melanchthon> Hello Orwell.
<CodeZTM> Although the characters add to its m@d aspect.
<Orwell> So where do I find the latest video?
<Melanchthon> http://www.animemusicvideos.org/video/188115
<Otohiko> actually the characters just mean "fuwa fuwa"
* zibbazabba905 (~cgiirc@synIRC-1467CE29.hsd1.mn.comcast.net) has joined #amv-review
<Otohiko> and "seno"
<Otohiko> i.e. the "lyrics"
* Kionon sets mode: +o Melanchthon
<CodeZTM> Is there an english equivalent to that?
<@Melanchthon> As well as the non-standard resolution, I quite like the rotation at the end. On a more vertical screen it might lose something, but once you see the video as not occupying the whole screen, it looks more like the video itself rotating and not the footage.
<@Melanchthon> Which is what's happening, but especially with letterboxed vids I'm used to seeing the whole laptop screen as being the video.
<~Kionon> My xchat interface is all screwed up, and I do not know how to fix it.
<@Melanchthon> I don't know either, sorry.
<~Kionon> Makes reading very annoying.
<CodeZTM> So was the length a turn off for anyone?
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<@Melanchthon> The video might be deliberately just showing glimpses. Some of the Japanese and the credits aren't fully on the screen.
<zibbazabba905> slightly.. it felt more like a test than a video
<Otohiko> I dunno, I guess the video was meant to be this really short thing
<Otohiko> maybe not a test but more like
* Kionon (~somebody@synIRC-D066047E.kyb.panda-world.ne.jp) has joined #amv-review
<@Melanchthon> A proof of concept?
<Otohiko> a little experiment
<Otohiko> which i guess is the same thing
<CodeZTM> The length was saddening, I would have liked a little more interesting effects done and more done with the vertical side.
<CodeZTM> Although excellent work on looping it. If on repeat, it really just pops right back into itself and makes for an interesting means there.
<Otohiko> I dunno if it's proof of anything, other than nadeko = moe :P
<Kionon> There we go.
<@Melanchthon> I think much more of that would have gotten repetitive.
<Kionon> Okay, now that I can actually read the conversation.
<Kionon> I liked it, it was cute, I don't think it requires a lot of analysis.
<@Melanchthon> How many here are familiar with Bakemonogatari?
<Otohiko> that's actually kind of my impression, haha
<Kionon> Only via Mirko vids.
<Otohiko> I am, mostly
<CodeZTM> Yeah, I've got a ok grasp on the show.
<@Melanchthon> Apart from the glossy editing, would you say this is a fairly typical character profile?
<Otohiko> bakemonogatari = Freudian psychology, the anime
<Otohiko> >__>
<Otohiko> yep!
<Otohiko> well, it's typical for a lot of the fandom around this particular character
[<Kionon> I wouldn't call it a character profile
<Otohiko> yeah, not even
<CodeZTM> Yeah, I feel like it's a pretty fair cp of her.
<@Melanchthon> It is listed as one.
<Otohiko> watch how you use that contraction xD
<CodeZTM> Huh?
<zibbazabba905> I've seen the first season
<Kionon> Uhm
<Kionon> What does it tell me about the character?
<Kionon> besides cute?
<CodeZTM> She's bubbly, energetic and unique?
<Kionon> Where's the deep exploration of her motivations or issues?
<@Melanchthon> She looks like she just wants to have fun.
<Kionon> Is that ALL she is?
<Kionon> and unique in what way?
<Kionon> Because merely being bubbly and energetic and cute is not enough for a character profile.
<CodeZTM> Well, the editing makes me read it that way.
<@Melanchthon> It's kind of impressionistic, with the editing style tailored to the character.
<CodeZTM> Not all character profiles need be a deep analysis of a character.
<Kionon> I disagree.
<CodeZTM> But I do agree that the characte rprofile is secondary here.
<Kionon> I believe that is the entire point of character profiles.
<Kionon> It's a constiuent part.
<@Melanchthon> What other category could the video have been listed as?
<Otohiko> I don't think profiling necessarily implies a lot of depth, although this video is at best borderline
<Otohiko> dance/fun/other
<Kionon> Agreed with Oto
<Kionon> dance/fun/other
<CodeZTM> I can admit to that as well, although it does have enough to still act as a means of showing the basic characteristics of her.
<CodeZTM> Because there is more to her than just what is shown here.
<@Melanchthon> Would it be right to say that Nadeko (is that her name?) can come across as being superficial?
[<Otohiko> sorta, but she's kind of moe bait in the series
<Otohiko> and the series is shameless about it
<@Melanchthon> So her existence is one big performance?
<@Melanchthon> I may be reading too much into the video at this point...
<Otohiko> nah, she's got a character beyond that
<Otohiko> you probably are
<Otohiko> it's like
<Otohiko> I don't think it wanted to get into her character beyond that
<Otohiko> cause this keeps it as a fun video
<Otohiko> as opposed to having to explain anything
<@Melanchthon> Serious stuff would clash with the bright colours and peppy music.
<Otohiko> yep
<@Melanchthon> On a more technical note, the timing in the video is really nice.
<Otohiko> I think this was going for something that's sorta MAD-like, too
<Otohiko> and yup, timing was nice
<@Melanchthon> It repeats when the music does, more or less.
<CodeZTM> I wish the syncing with the lip/finger thing at the front was a little more tight, but overall I agree. Very well synced.
<Kionon> I'd call it a M@D.
<Kionon> If butterflo uploaded it to nico nico douga, I bet they wouldn't even realise he wasn't Japanese.
<@Melanchthon> You're pretty used to looking at this style of editing?
<Kionon> On Nico, sure.
<Kionon> I mean, the aspect ratio is unique.
<Kionon> But the general feel of the vid is pretty MAD like.
<Otohiko> yep
<Otohiko> very
<@Melanchthon> It's something a little different for me. I get most of my 'good' videos from the org, where this style isn't so common.
<@Melanchthon> Pure eye candy, though not suitable for every kind of video.
<Kionon> I like it, I think we should be doing more of it.
<Otohiko> nope, though as godix showed, you can do unconventional sizes/aspect ratios in serious videos too
<Kionon> I think godix-
<Kionon> -yep.
<Otohiko> lol
<Kionon> My brain.
<Kionon> I think both of us were attempting to do stuff like this.
<Kionon> For a variety of genres.
<@Melanchthon> I think we could do with _some_ of the fancy M@D or Akross style techniques in more genres of videos.
<Kionon> Not sure I would call this fancy
<Kionon> Just different conceptually.
<@Melanchthon> The near-strobing colour effects are rather... to excess?
* MD (~MD_edit@A3758726.AD4EE328.B70AF62E.IP) has joined #amv-review
<@Melanchthon> Certainly it gives a different look.
<@Melanchthon> Hello.
<MD> Hi
<@Melanchthon> There was one video recently that used colour shifts, though it did it in a much more subtle way.
<Kionon> I'm sorry that I am only half here, but I'm running off an emergency back up of Snow Leopard.
<@Melanchthon> http://www.animemusicvideos.org/members ... p?v=188816
<MD> omg
<MD> someone edited to a song by cosmic gate?!
<@Melanchthon> I guess?
<@Melanchthon> Does anyone else have anything more to say about Love 2.0? (What happened to 1.0 anyway?)
<CodeZTM> Not really, all my main points have already been mentioned.
<Otohiko> love has been doubled!
<Kionon> Nope, not really.
<@Melanchthon> MD?
<Kionon> Enjoyable for what it is. No deep analysis really needed.
* Kionon (~somebody@synIRC-D066047E.kyb.panda-world.ne.jp) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
<@Melanchthon> Okay, I guess that concludes the review for butterflo's vid.
<@Melanchthon> Thanks for stopping by, everyone.

If anyone else would like to comment on the video and what it does, feel free.

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Re: #AMV-Review #58: butterflo's "Love 2.0"

Postby butterflo » Sat Nov 17, 2012 5:47 am

Big thanks to all:) I really liked the fact that my video is being reviewed in this length. Most of feedbacks I usually get are quite generic, especially given local cultural norms..
(sorry if I'm overreacting, but feedbacks are quite hard to get around here)

I think I need to clarify some points though, like explaining my intentions.
- I thought 'Character Profiles' referred to something that mainly features one character. That's why I put it in that category.
- Nadeko has her characters beyond what's presented here. I'm aware of it, but I don't know the details since I haven't really been into the show. And no, bright psyche gap with her dark side is unintentional. It is an interesting concept though:)
- Web 1.0 wasn't labelled as "1.0" until Web 2.0 emerged.
- If I were to make a serious vid with unconventional aspect ratios I'd go with something like 10:1. I think having longer vertical side won't add to the serious mood.. I'm not sure.

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