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  • Title: Under Your Spell
  • Premiered: 2012-09-09
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    • Cosmic Gate Under your spell
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    This is my first AMV I spend more than a couple hours edit time. I got the idea while listening to the song by Cosmic Gate. The main idea was to get some space footage with crazy tracking shots combined with Sankarea and Tasogare Otome x Amnesia which fit perfectly in the concept in my opinion. The second idea was to construct a feeling of a spell, so I started to experiment with colors and masks. The third concept idea was to create a feeling of interacting with the audience, so I tried to take szenes where the protagonist looks right to the audience. I divided the AMV in a part with cold colors and a part with warm colors. After cleaning up my footage (there were many credit scenes, which I covered with masks or fx tricks) I decided to remove some lyric text, which I integrated before, because some beta testers said, it would look better without it.

    While editing I've learned lots of things, like how to use transitions, lip-sync, masking, coloring, scene selection and lots of other stuff.
    My goal was to create an AMV nobody did in this way before and I think I could reach it. ^^

    Time spend for editing: 2 Months (don't know how much hours)

    Warlike Swans
    Shin-AMV (my idol ... xD)
    Summers aka. GuntherAMV
    Katie aka. ViviFX
    Tommy aka. RAWdangers

    Special thanks to Zest, Ceddic and Lapskaus, who helped me very much to improve my abilities in editing.

    And a very special thanks to RAWdangers, the best beta-tester in the world, who saved my project from a big failure. xD

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