Can't find videos

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Can't find videos

Postby randaccss » Fri Jun 28, 2002 8:24 pm

I'm sure this is the wrong forum to post this, but I'm new here, so please forgive.

Anyway, a while ago I found a website that allowed you to download fmv and cg from all playstation games. I had to reinstall windows and I totally forgot to back up my favorites. Could someone please suggest sites that might fit this description :?:

Thanks so much.
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Postby DiemondDagger » Fri Jun 28, 2002 9:01 pm

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Postby rafi.ikari » Sat Jun 29, 2002 7:55 am

How long ago?

I knew a site before that had all the games cg and fmv. But that have been down like a year or so.

the site was (chv stands for Cyber Hippy Vision)
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Postby BogoSort » Sat Jun 29, 2002 11:15 am

Try buying the game in question and downloading a copy of PSMplay from this <a href="">site</a>. That will let you extract whatever movies from the game that you want, and it'll have the added benefit of being of sufficient quality to make a decent video out of.
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good site

Postby Saiyan-Dude » Sat Jul 13, 2002 6:39 pm

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