Do you get sick of your own songs?

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Do you get sick of your own songs?

Postby Bauzi » Wed Oct 28, 2009 7:02 pm


There is something that I was always interested into: Do bands get sick of their own songs? Well do you?

I think that every song can go on my nerves sooner or later and I can get sick of every of my videos. There are so many things that I can hear/watch to death. However I don't create my own songs... I don't know if music artists also get (fast) sick of their own creations or if they have a different connection to it. So they might still get fast sick of songs from other bands.

I'm really excited to know it, because I often have to think about all this bands that have one really really famous song and which they have to play all the time until they die.

Thx in advice!

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Kai Stromler
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Re: Do you get sick of your own songs?

Postby Kai Stromler » Wed Oct 28, 2009 8:31 pm

Bands do get sick of their own songs, but most of the time it's a consequence of stylistic changes rather than playing the material all the time. Sometimes it's not, though; at DIY shows, you tend to get people yelling for stuff off a band's early records, and occasionally the band will respond with something on the order of "no, man, we're sick of playing that, let us do stuff off the new one".

Personally, I haven't gotten sick of any of the stuff I've written and recorded/programmed. Some of it sucks, but getting disenchanted with your work is different from getting sick of it. The band from this video, who I'm good friends with, got so sick of the song in it that they refused to play it live as soon as they could possibly justify its omission from their set, both because their style changed and because it was such a huge early hit for them. No idea about other bands' reactions to their big hits, but if they have any ambitions to be taken seriously as musicians rather than a jukebox that plays that one hit, it's likely to be similar.

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Re: Do you get sick of your own songs?

Postby Vivaldi » Sun Nov 01, 2009 1:40 am

I'd have to say a thousand times yes. I don't write music, but as a performer I can say after spending hundreds of hours with a piece, going through it note by note, it loses much of it's initial charm. Even if it's a song you originally enjoyed, knowing the breakdown just changes how you listen to it. When actually performing, I usually have to take a bit to physic myself up. Otherwise one can end up just standing there playing very mechanically.

Really the only way to avoid it is to get the piece in your fingers very quickly so you don't spend to much time with it, but then that's not usually a good idea if you want to play it well.

It's a pretty annoying Catch-22, in order to play the music you love, you have to sacrifice a bit of it. Then again, with time one can usually readjust themselves to appreciate a given song. Bu
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