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  • Member: SilkAMV
  • Studio: DZ-Studios
  • Title: Eureka Seven - Sunlight
  • Premiered: 2009-04-02
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    • Natalie Imbruglia Sunlight
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  • Comments: Giving credit where credit is due, I first heard this song when I watched Batto!'s Last Dawn AMV. One of the problems with that is that over the course of making this I was constantly afraid that I was copying it subconsciously and avoided watching it at all costs. I don't think I took any ideas from it other than the song. If I did I hope they're not obvious. But if I did please know that I am very sorry. I did my best.

    I don't usually go for sentimental songs. Even this one is considerably upbeat towards the end and I'm not even sure whether or not this video belongs in the action category. Even though I liked the song, I didn't think much about using it at first. Then, later on it occured to me that it matched on virtually every level with Eureka Seven and knew I had to do it.

    I think I started this video somewhere around August 2008 if not earlier. I devoted a lot of time to it but only sparsely over the course of the next few months. I didn't work on it too often, but I knew I wanted it to be the best that it could be so I never completely neglected it. Even so, it took until the beginning of April to complete: Ominously, on the day submissions for Otakon 2009 began. Divine guidance or what?

    This video is interesting because it took so long to complete that there is a noticeable shift in editing style over the course of the song. This is not to say that it starts out bad and ends good. Heck, some people might even like it better at the beginning. I wouldn't leave it the way it was if I wasn't completely satisfied with it. My current style isn't so much better than it used to be as it is different. That said, I believe this contrast improves the video a good deal by keeping it fresh and engaging throughout.

    That's just my opinion though and my point of view is quite different from the viewers'. Please feel free to submit your own opinions. That's what it's here for after all. Enjoy.

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