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    Quick Comments For: Destiny 2.22
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    I watched your AMV on my laptop in the study hall, and before I realized it, my dick was hard as steel. Like I was packing a fucking lead pipe. It was kind of embarrassing so I tried to hide it, which made things worse, because it just attracted more attention. Fortunately, the cute girl across from me wasn't offended. Quite the opposite actually. She eyed me for a while, then walked over to my desk and asked me if I needed a 'hand' with anything. Something about the way whe said 'hand' let me know she was just as horny as I was. Now I'm a pretty shy guy, so I almost fucked this up when I said "no, I'm just fine..." But then she slooowwly placed her hands on my desk, and leaned forward, letting her cleavage show through the top of her partially unbuttoned blouse. I don't know when she undid those buttons, but it must have been before whe walked over to me, because fuck I would have noticed! Damn she had some fine knockers, and the way she leaned forward let them hang there like water balloons, about the size of grapefruits. A good hand-full no doubt. At that moment, I was extremely thankful for Gravity because I could see those titties being pulled downwards, which also allowed them to squeeze together in the most interesting way [kind of squishy but firm.] Lucky for me, her blouse was made of this thin-white-semi-elastic material... I don't know what the hell it was, but it was fucking fabulous. Tight. And no bra. So I could see the full shape of them mellons. God I could have sworn I saw them jiggle. So there I was. Sitting with a hard-on. Staring right into her cleavage. I even started to guage the curvature of her hips in her black business-mini-skirt. But as I sized her up... bottom to top... our eyes locked and revealed to her everything I was staring at, which caught me off guard. But fuck it didn't matter. Her gaze was deep, with this playful sort of glimmer while she narrowed her eyes... which is hard to describe-- but the look in her eyes definitely let you know she had something on her mind. Like she knew something you didn't. Plus she had this inviting half-smile on her lips that provoked a type of longing frustration within me-- and I really must have been aroused, because something grabbed her attention. She shifted her gaze downward, tilted her head sideways, and leaned even closer to get a better view. I looked down. My head was peeking out the top of my pants! I looked back up, and her eyes were a bit wider now. More intent. With one brow raised. Head still tilted. A playful grin began to grow on her lips. My dick grew ever more to match that grin. I was throbbing and totally out of my mind with this doll strewn out on a platter in front of me. SHE was totally enjoying this too. Horny as hell, practically fucking me with her face, as I stole glances at her chest and hips; only to return to the sly desires hidden within her eyes. Then I really thought she was fucking with me when she started lickin her lips. First the top. Then the bottom. Left to right. She started reaching further to one side with her tongue, letting her eyes roll back as she licked hungrily. This is when I realized why she was doing it. She was slurping off a white substance from her lips-- it turns out I came on her face without realizing it, but she didn't mind. Actually, as she indulge herself in the last drop, she let out a soft purring sound, gave a thankful wink... as if I just made her day... then slowly walked off. Good view I might add.

    I just checked it to find this on it lol.
    and yeah I lol'd again. 
  • Yas. 2010-06-08 13:54:55 Em's new album...., I dig, I dig.
  • Evangelion 2.22 Release 2010-05-26 19:51:22 Yus, I I've released a full and now 2.22 has been released. Time for another full. |: 
  • Halo 3. 2010-05-22 19:18:42 Halo 3 just makes me rage more and more everyday, same shit. Boosters(people quitting the game on purpose.), shitty teams or just shitty people, etc...also just in general lack of consistency...Better just stick to Super Street Fighter IV it's less stressful.  
  • Songbird Media Player...beastly. 2010-05-20 18:08:29 Found a new media player that is amazing... well to my standards.
    It's pretty much a rip of iTunes though, but it's skinnable, and it also has quite a few other interesting add-ons. Songbird also supports quite a few codecs (the main ones I have mp3 obviously, wav and flac.) Yay for no more FLAC conversion just straight listening. :)
    It supports without downloading the scrobbler, and lastly it has a web browser similar to Firefox. Obviously I'll still use Firefox from time to time but I'm really loving this player so far. 
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