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  • Drunk Drivers SUCK 2009-03-24 06:13:01 Ok Saturday Night all 3 of our cars here were nailed hard.
    at shortly before 11 a drunk driver slammed into our parked cars.
    All 3 cars (A Saturn, a Chevy Aveo, and a Buick Lesabre) are totaled as well as the Volvo that hit them.

    Thankfully none of us were in our vehicles and were all safely inside the house when this occurred. It sounded like a bomb exploding and shook the
    house as well as our neighbor's houses.

    Sadly the douche bag driving the Volvo ran off, as did the 3 passengers. They were teenagers and drunk as hell, a neighbor said 1 told him she thought she broke her leg, but she then kept fleeing the scene.

    Shortly before the police arrived (40 minutes after the first call went out) the girls were brought back by their families. And when the police arrived they placed a call for a paramedic unit.

    The girls were eventually taken to a hospital where 1 was released Sunday, but as of Sunday the other one was still there, the doctors suspected that she was bleeding internally into her intestines and they were possibly going to have to conduct surgery.
    1 of the people who ran off was also treated at a local hospital but I do not know what happened to him after that.

    The girl who showed up stated they they had been doing around 100 mph shortly before the accident, and then blacked out.

    The driver is currently in police custody. Minor in possession, DUI, Felony Hit & Run (He is gonna be screwed, and I mean that in the "you sure got purdy lips" kinda way)

    The police have this listed as a hit and run Inside the car was found a beer bottle, a lighter and a spoon. - Pics - Animation Please - Updated
    note that the animation is only speculation on how it happened based on
    where we were parked, and where vehicles were after the wreck occurred

    The scary part is that if I had not worked early today I would have been getting home around the time that had occurred. 
  • *Twitch* *Growl* 2009-03-18 10:50:38 Lets just say my urge to commit a homicidal rampage is starting to skyrocket 
  • Adventures in Monitor Buying 2009-03-04 17:56:55 So last Thursday I replaced my 21 inch CRT Monitors.
    This was a mini adventure to do so, here is how the day went

    Started off by hitting Costco as thats where mom bought th 24 inch Viewsonic widescreen LCD, but they were out of monitors so I headed up the hill to Best Buy.

    Best Buy - Puyallup
    I spent some time looking at the monitors they had in stock, and after talking with an employee I purchased a the Floor Model of a Westinghouse 25.5 inch Widescreen LCD. They were no longer carying that model. Normal price $450, Floor Model price $299 (About $324 after tax). I was told that the Best Buys in Federal Way and Tukwilla were the only ones in the area with matching monitors left. So I dropped the monitor off at home and left for Federal Way as that was closer.

    Best Buy - Federal Way
    I passed this store as well and had to yet again turn arround, just Pacific Highway is a LOT bigger of a road to deal with.
    Get into Best Buy and start talking with an employee about the monitor. They confirm that they can sell the Floor Model because they were out of stock, and I noticed that the picture was jumping a little, so they test the feed on the monitor and determine that the monitor was bad. So I got directions to the Tukwilla store.

    Best Buy - Tukwilla
    I get there without passing the store and without incident. I get in there, and they confirm that they can also sell their Floor Model. So after I say I will buy it the person knocked an additional $30 off the price from $299 to $269 (about $396 after tax) After buying it I eventually make it home.

    So to recap, Spent a few hours and here are the results.
    Each 25.5 inch widescreen LCD Monitor was initilly $450
    Monitor 1 - $299
    Monitor 2 - $269

    and they are beautiful 
  • Moving sooner or later 2009-01-24 19:36:58 Well we are planning on selling the house that me, my brother, and Jamie live in to the person who is turning the whole area into a housing development.

    The current options on the table are
    1: $150,000 now mind you thats a good bit of money for this property
    2: Work a deal where mom can get the house behind her house
    3: Build a duplex on the back end of mom's property.

    Mom is going to meet with the person sometime after this weekend and give a counter offer which is what I hope for

    Our counter offer is to have the buyer prepare a section of land we inherited from my grandpa for how we eventually want it split up, and to build the first of hopefully 4 eventual duplexes on the property. This would give me and my brother each a side of the duplex to live in, and if we can go this route I am going to see about having it built with internal networking for each room that supports 10/100/1000 networking.

    If all goes well I will be moved sometime after this years Sakura-Con and before I open the submissions for next years 
  • Website stuff 2008-12-29 13:38:37 I have finally got some functionality back in my website
    I am working on various ideas of a Links Management page currently so that portion is still not up and running

    I have done something that might also be considered controversial in the community. I uploaded all my videos to the dreaded youtube and embedded them on the website, each with a link to where you can download it from the Org.

    Mainly the reason I uploaded them to youtube was because I had seen a few show up on there and decided I should put them up so that other people arent claiming credit for them.

    I also am working on the forum integration, as the system Im using for the website is still beta testing its not as versatile as the older MX-Portal, and its not fully integrating phpBB3 yet but those things come in time

    site address is still 
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