JOURNAL: ShatteredFlame (Chris )

  • New logo 2009-08-24 02:19:53 what the fuck. last one was perfect!

    Brave New World. 
  • Resident Evil 5 2009-03-13 23:18:54 Is like fucking amazing =D !!!!!! 
  • New Hajime No Ippo 2009-01-12 23:15:03 That was awesome. New series is out, so go watch if your a HNI fan <3 
  • Resident Evil Degeneration 2008-12-18 23:28:44 Got around to watching it today and it was actually pretty enjoyable. Nice entry to the RE series,

    If your into Resident Evil then you should definitely check it out :up: 
  • weird... 2008-11-26 09:43:14 very weird....I have Thanksgiving break starting today, went to sleep at like 3 in the morning prepping some footage and woke up around 5 but surprisingly wasn't tired. Stated listening to Opeth after awhile. And even at 7 I was around to wake my brother up for school. Now it's 9:30 and I still have no idea why I'm awake or what to do <.>. So I'm making pointless internet post around forums while listening to my iPod. Any other day off I would be dead asleep and would wake up at 2-5 in the afternoon. <.>

    Currently listening to:
    Tool - [2006 - 10,000 Days] - Right In Two iPod's running out of juice, since I got some great new headphones last weekend I've been disliking listening on my comp(except during mornings and nights). Now I'm gonna have to switch to my comp when its day time for me D=. 
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