JOURNAL: Copycat_Revolver

  • Chapter Fifty-One: In which our hero returns from the brink of death's door. Metric! 2008-10-03 12:22:01 Update: Thanks (most likely) to a visit to a bus station in the beautiful city of Jackson, I fell victim to a violent sickness that knawed on my guts consistently for the better part of my return trip from AWA. Only recently have I revived thanks to the healing properties of Yoplait yogurt (in a variety of flavors).
    Prior to the sickness, I did enjoy AWA. Me and a bunch of AMVers jumped out of a plane, shot eachother to hell with paintballs, and then collapsed collectively from mass exhaustion. Yeah, we're the cool kids.
    Also, now that I am officially a member of the Inner Circle (I filled out the application and everything), I fear my ego, if left unchecked, will soon devour itself.
    So why not keep me in my place by watching this video and shooting down my hopes and dreams with scathing QC's.

    Also, it is my birthday. Do what you will with that information.

    On a final note, if my sarcasm was too subtle earlier: Jackson can rot in hell. The whole damn town and its crazy intestinal alien beasts.
  • Chapter Fifty: In which our hero embarks on a journey for real this time. AWA! 2008-09-15 20:46:16 And now, I must go for a very long bus ride.

    I'll see you jerks in Atlanta! 
  • Chapter Forty-Nine: In which our hero takes the time to look up the word Gestalt. Combining! 2008-08-28 02:42:51 A QC left on "Wild Raspberry":

    2008-08-23 14:53:05 Can't remember the video so you get a 4.

    I lol'd.

    With all of these half finished videos floating around, if I push through maybe I can actually meet that twelve videos goal I set for myself this year. Of course that's not counting the "other" videos I've done.
    So really, if anyone is interested in beta-ing a series of mediocre videos and tell me how to make them watchable, then go ahead and send me a PM and I'll throw you something this weekend.

    Then again I could just cram them all together into one regular video...again. 
  • Chapter Forty-Eight: In which our hero finds comfort in dynamic avatars. Bad! 2008-08-15 13:20:03 I once met a copycat wandering outside the city walls. His tail was mangled and askew, as if trampled by a series of tapdancers who had yet to pass their entrance exams.
    Not sure of his intentions, I held my shortcake in my arms as one would defend a baby from wolves. Or dingoes if you're in certain parts of the world.
    Then, like a clever metaphor, he leapt and bit my face.
    It was then that I realized he was actually a Koopycat.


    Here's a newsflash from the city: AWA is going to be expensive as fark!

  • Chapter Forty-Seven: In which our hero finally utilizes next day mailing. Expedient! 2008-08-12 05:50:01 Come on gang, gather round...

    @Bauzi: You'd better have submitted your new video to Pro or I'll hit you with a voodoo curse. Do you know how bloody long I've been waiting to see that thing?

    @Driftroot: You need to stop worrying so much about consistancy in videos. I mean, really, no one's going to notice one slight illogical change in clothes from one scene to another in a video (and series) with so many changes of that sort. Especially in a video that takes place over so many days.
    Now go edit wantonly and I'll save most of my harping for the next beta.

    @CrackyThatSky: Okay, so *maybe* my overly lofty expectations for the Pro contest may have been unfounded.

    @Madagascar: For the love of Gord, people, let me infect your stupid island *once*.

    @blabbler: stop wearing my hat.

    How are you?
    How are you? It's Frankie.
    Great Chance!

    @Koop's Avatar: You're next sucka!

    @Orwell: Code Geass and Pumpkin Scissors had better be crap or I'm going to be broke for the far forseeable future.

    @blabbler: on second thought, keep the hat. i think they're on to us.

    @Copycat: Shouldn't you be working?

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