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  • Supernatural - Anything 2013-08-22 21:56:41 here you go. 
  • SPN Music Video for the year 2013-08-22 19:34:01 I finished it. I started it in february, maybe did 30 seconds. Did the bulk of it starting august 2012. Put it off again. Finished the last minute or so in these last 2 weeks. I've encoded a distro version and right now I'm uploading it to youtube, but will also upload it to my own site and put it in the catalog later tonight.

    My upload speed is beyond shit, so this will take a longass time. But, IT IS DONE! And it's not awesome, but it's pretty good and I'm proud of it. WAY TOO MANY MASKS.
    And I got some jumping in the final encode, but I've already been messing with it all day and I'm not submitting it to any cons so frankly I'm tired of messing with it. 
  • I Rescind my last idea 2013-02-04 18:12:22 Same song, but with "Supernatural" TV Show.

    Only reason I'm changing it: Already have seasons 1 - 7 on my computer.

    I might just quick-edit SPN for youtube for shits and gigs, and do the watcmen one more seriously later. We'll see. 
  • Music Video for the year 2013-02-04 15:00:25 So it seems like I'm one of those people who makes one AMV a year. I'm okay with this.

    Anyway, this year, my inspiration hit early.

    It's going to be
    Snow Patrol - Somewhere a Clock is Ticking

    set to "watchmen" movie.

    I know that's live action but oh well.

    Also I'm putting this here mostly so I don't forget about it. I likely won't be able to start the project for a while.
    And people "stealing" ideas from me isn't a huge concern. I'm not worried about fame or awards or anything anymore since I don't participate in cons/the community any more. 
  • New AMV "Borders" 2012-04-08 01:50:51 Haven't put it in the archive yet; still deployed.
    But I wanted to write this somewhere. I was tired of my video info being tl;dr but I believe this info is important just the same. So I'll write it somewhere.

    ANIME: Togainu no Chi (Bloody Curs)
    MUSIC: Shinedown - The Crow and the Butterfly (edited down slightly)

    I started this AMV a longass time a go, after I'd randomly discovered the Cur's fansubs (I still don't know how I did that, either). I was addicted to the Crow song at the time and while disappointed in the Cur anime, I thought the basic theme of the two (being too late to help someone) matched. I got about a minute in during the deployment before I kind of just lost interest and it sat on my computer doing nothing for a really long time.

    While on deployment, I caught wind of some indy movie named "Albert Nobbs" that came out last year.
    It seemed really interesting at the time so I picked it up as soon as I could. When I watched the movie, it hit a little too close to home to me (I'm a transsexual- FtM) and I wound up just fucking crying through like the last hour of it. I'm not going to ruin the movie for you (though I doubt a 'normal' person would find the movie that interesting), but know that the basic theme I got from it was "No matter how hard you try, you're still fucked."

    That somehow transcribed into motivation of the AMV, and I finished it completely within 3 days after the Nobbs movie. So keep in mind that my AMV now has the overbearing theme of "No matter how hard you try, you're still fucked."
    In a way, this makes the AMV rather anticlimactic and somewhat disappointing. But the AMV itself <i>still</i> hits close to home and I like it a lot.

    "Borders" ends up being a very short version of the Cur anime, with a lot of subplots completely obliterated.
    At its heart, it's focused on Friend A joining a gang but still somehow remaining himself, and Friend B going to "save" friend A, but instead winds up addicted to drugs and turning into a coldhearted killer (Whether Friend B actually kills people or the montages are just metaphors for how bad drugs/trips are is for the audience to decide).

    This plot, too, hit close to home because I know a lot of recovered drugs addicts who used to be pretty shitty people but after getting off drugs have become much better, productive members of society and who I am deeply thankful still exist today.

    That being said, I made two versions of the video. One with text, and one without.
    Anyone having experience with drugs and/or hardship, should get the no text version (Which I'm going to say at this point is the 'official' version).

    The text version has text basically navigating you through the story. Some dialogue but mostly narration. I tried to keep it as short and vague as possible so it could help anybody relate. Still, it assumes you know a tiny bit about drugs (What a 'trip' is and how bad withdrawal sucks).

    I started doing the text version because I've always wanted to do a text-based video and this seemed like a decent gateway (the AMV has a really thick 'artistic' black border around it). While I ended up liking the text version, I think the AMV survives well enough on its own and in some occurrences the text may take away from the 'experience'.

    But, I'm still going to provide the text version simply because that was a lot of effort, and, fuck it, some people may need to understand wtf is going on.

    Lastly, I finally used Zarx's 264gui to encode, and the video looks great at a small filesize (30mb). Especially considering what the source was.
    I have all the files sitting and ready, I just need to wait a day or two before I can get personal computer access to upload them (I'm on a government computer right now).

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