JOURNAL: Hagaren Viper (Caleb Taylor)

  • Rewatching Fullmetal Alchemist's original series 2012-12-09 00:29:11 Wow I...kinda feel like all the FMA vids I used to like have not aged well like, at all.

    There are also some real good parts in the original but in comparison to the manga and Brotherhood it kinda nerfs the meaning behind scenes? I dunno.
  • @TwilightChrono 2012-11-20 02:58:28 I'll probably get a PS4 eventually [Though supposedly it's being called Orbis or something like that]. Xbox hasn't had very many games that interested me in the past and I kinda doubt that they will in the future at this rate. Im NOT looking forward to either of them though because I don't want to drop another $600 or whatever on a new system, especially if it isn't backwards computable. I just want them to milk the PS3 because Im selfish :|

    I do want the Vita though *coughPsersona4GoldencoughLittleBigPlanetcough* 

    I really like dorky characters and Renton is sending those feels through the roof :UUU

    heck all of the characters are so unique in personality and looks/build, and the art is really good and asdksjlkjg.

    I definitely wanna get the series but Im gonna try and hold out 'till my birthday. Even then I still kinda wanna watch it weekly on Toonami, lol. 
  • A friend's house robbed - Please read 2012-08-21 01:05:39 Hello there, internet, I was hoping you would take a minute to help out a friend of my family. The short version of it is Jaymin, a boy with Down Syndrome, recently graduated from high school, and right after that his family's house was robbed - taking all of his graduation gifts, money, and his mom's jewelery with them. I won't spend too much time re-capping, because it's done much better in the quote below, but if you wouldn't mind checking out the link, sharing it and even donating we would all really appreciate it. Already almost $200 out of the goal of $1000 has been raised, so if many people give even a little bit, the goal could be reached in no time. He's a good kid and it's really bad that he got kicked in the gut like this after such an important day.

    Thanks for your time, everyone. 
  • I just wanna sleeeeep 2012-08-18 21:03:58 Lack of sleep + Woke up because sister was screaming + I WENT SWIMMING since when do I ever do that + Awoken from nam several times by family = I'm really grumpy, much more than I should be. I just needed to vent that somewhere :U 
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