JOURNAL: JudgeHolden

  • 2013-03-26 15:04:22 I have been through most of the new release threads and don't see a thing. Other then one video that was being nitpicked (if the video relies solely on effects work, it will get nitpicked by the effects people) , yet still raved about .... 
  • 2013-03-26 14:54:07 Did people insult a video you like Yue? 
  • @ben 2013-02-22 11:35:44 Because you're lazy? 
  • 2013-01-21 11:34:47 
  • 2013-01-13 14:48:32 How to get people to watch your AMV 101 .... get drama stirred up in you thread, then people will want to watch it to find out what all the hubbub is about. :D  
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