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  • Feel like I lost a month... and still am losing more time... 2003-10-22 00:05:06 Immediately after AWA I was smacked with sickness ... then for one anxiety filled work week I prepared to find out when I would be having surgery. (not related to my sickness post AWA)

    awa9-> sick week -> work week with anxiety -> surgery/recovery week -> still recovering week -> dunno??

    Seriously lost time... still not really in a state where I feel comfortable editing.

    I have my priorities still though:

    1) fangirl(s) ;)
    2) editing

    Except where is #1??? :P

    I guess #2 gets upgraded.

  • Retro Video Game Project 2003-10-08 00:16:49 (open at this time to NES Project editors that completed a track)

    Track selection is just starting! :)

    We'll see how we are doing editor wise before adding any additional.  
  • Direct Links 2003-10-03 12:18:48 Direct links might up/down randomly during the weekend... not like anyone will read this journal after they find they don't work... :P 
  • Plague 2003-10-02 20:12:37 I am quite sick... started to get really bad after I came back from AWA9... :P At least it was AFTER... now I am trying to just relax and survive... 
  • The AWA9 Journal Entry 2003-09-30 19:43:47 I am still recovering from AWA9. I swear, regardless of sleep, I was running
    on adrenaline the entire weekend. I was way too nervous/excited for the NES
    Project, the panel with MJ, the awards ceremony... oh and even giving an
    award at the closing ceremonies. (I forgot about this and did it kind of on
    the spot, thx to MJ for reminding me! :P)

    Hotel wise, I like the new location. The design for a convention is great.
    The location is decent because there are plenty of places nearby to eat at
    (inside one of the 2 malls). $20 to and from the hotel isn't bad from the airport, I pay the same when I leave from Eugene. I must say I missed the hotel from last year though... the convention center last year seemed to have a larger
    main hall (though it was more like an airplane hangar...) On the downside the
    new hotel design from rooms to the 2 different 'bottom' floors is pretty crappy... 5 elevators that like to stop and remain on the club floor indefinitely is stupid... Oh well anime fans need exercise so the staircase wasn't so bad.

    I arrived on Thursday so I could go to the AMV dinner. Imagine 70 some editors
    risking their life to eat at Carabas... thankfully no one fell off the highway.
    I met a number of people Thursday and beyond... I don't want to try to list names since I'd forget someone... :P

    Friday evening was the premiere of the NES Project. Before the showing the DDDR
    project was to be shown (Disney DDR, or as I called it "3DR"). Unfortunately for
    the 3DR team the dvd player was not playing well... and left the project broken
    for 50 minutes... only then to play with glitches. This meant the NES Project
    would be starting later... which was fine... the audience was still quite sizable and it really wasn't that late either (maybe 10pm?). I came in the VAT room to find all this out. ErMaC came over and told me exactly what was going on, which I really appreciated after hearing one of the 3DR coordinators swearing up a storm(no shock at all with all the problems after pouring in so much effort). Fortunately the NES Project was Mpeg2 based and was essentially tested on the exact same setup the con has (I use the same kind of card at home to test).

    The NES project was a real joy to watch on the big screen. The audience seemed
    to be really loving it too. There was only one glitch during the entire project
    ... there was a slight pause in the video on Machine's Castlevania video. It
    wasn't ultra apparent, but after seeing the video a number of times, you'd be
    used to seeing certain beat syncs etc. It was kind of shame people leapt from
    their chairs at the end... the credits song ROX!!! :P hehe, it might be an
    indicator of the project length going a bit long... dunno. (or just late)

    Saturday was a high nervousness day for me. The panel... the awards ceremony...

    I must say that meeting Phade and attending his panel = good stuff. He's a great guy with a little more of a razor edge on certain subjects than you'd guess from his online persona. Glad I met him and very glad to know that BIG money is not leaving his pocket for all this. ( does Phade donate to the org? ;) )

    The panel was great. I was definitely nervous... MJ got to mock me as I said
    something remotely like "panyel" ... :P As the panel went along I started feel
    a bit more comfortable... but never perfectly fine. :P The audience seemed to
    be enjoying all the videos we played. It was fun to pimp other people's videos
    like NPC3000's Lain, Taskmasta's Akira "high anxiety", Doughboy's Blue sub,
    Zarxrax's Doujin Addiction, and Wonka's Soultaker. We also played Beowulf's NBK which was fortunate as it won an award but was not able to be shown at the ceremony. Around the final 2 videos MJ invited up Tutterbutter to sit with him as they watched the videos they made for each other (they've been together for a while now). During the final video I slipped off the stage and stood behind where the technical crew was. They asked me if there was a problem. I told MCWagner "nah just something is coming up" which momentarily puzzled him. He picked up what was going on pretty quickly. So at the conclusion of the video MJ explained that there was a bigger reason for her to be on the stage. The audience picked up pretty much immediately and MJ, down on one knee, proposed to Tutterbutter(Brandy) over the mic. She said yes which was met with "big applause action"! I might be lying but I saw a tear welling up on Wagner (hahaha)... Even after all this we hadn't run too much beyond our hour (the panels were all starting at 5-10 after the hour). Sadly we weren't able to show all the videos from other people we had hoped. I still really appreciate everyone helping me to get together mpeg2 copies of their works. (Hitori & Rozard) ... and no I am not known as Flux Mr. good try though writing champions of awa documentation :P
    (they didn't use any of the descriptions submitted apparently)

    The awards ceremony initially was quite painful. The lack of any attention to
    sound volume meant all the creators in the reserved front 4 rows were going
    deaf. After the expo contest was over I left the room for a couple minutes and
    returned sitting on the side of room avoiding my impending deafness. I must admit I was surprised to see Eternal Damnation win Best Action (well win anything!). I know a great number of people enjoy it, but it's also been given a good chunk of very reasonable criticism. I was hoping that 3 Sisters or GTB2 might win an award, but never really expected Eternal Damnation to.

    The masters contest was quite good this year. A number of wonderful videos were entered (and I must give a big thumbs up to the "VAT is busted" video ... which
    preceded my own in the playlist). There was a sense of relief when I saw my
    video before the 'winner' was played. This isn't meant to imply I wouldn't like winning, but more like relief from anxiety. :P

    The iron chef this year was spot on 50/50 in my mind.

    DDR was fun to watch this year. Though it was very cool I feel I must make some comments though... last year Brad was very vocal in encouraging dancing... this year a number of videos were much more visually appealing so dancing was almost completely absent (as was Brad's vocal encouragement). I think people started dancing when there were maybe 4 videos left. Overall the tracks just seemed too fast in my opinion... I definitely like the other ddr soundtracks more. One major concern that I had with the project was the variation of videos (including my own). It was up and down and all over. There were spells of basic editing, then excess editing/effects. I think this made some of the videos come across as 0 effort works. :( Even I felt like I had done very little... in comparison to a good number of the videos. I dunno... how do you tell people to meet in the middle of the road? "uh could you lay off the 400 hours of AE?" or "could you try maybe using an effect or making a cut, like just once?"

    I need to send out thanks to Carlos and Chris (Mindwarp) for filming a
    great number of things. It's a good thing I went rifling through our room and
    found that tripod. :) (imagines the carlos heart attack!)

    I realllly need to send out a big thanks for everyone involved with the
    Video Art Track. Thanks for keeping things running as smooth as one person can
    Quu... & thanks to MCWanger for the opportunity to have a panel at AWA9. I doubt
    we can top the panel's conclusion though...

    It was really great to see everyone! I wished I could have spent more time with more people, but every party I tried to enter was an overpacked sauna (well when I arrived at least it was :P)

    ... and now I wait for my post AWA depression to set in ... :P

    If I forgot anything I'll be sure to post it in AWA9 Journal Entry Special Ed.

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