JOURNAL: GloryQuestor (John W.)

  • New Software and a few new pics 2005-04-19 00:30:20 Just picked up Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.0 over the weekend (I got a great deal on it, too -- I actually spent less on Photoshop and Premiere separately than I would have with them in the 2-for-1 deal.)

    As you might have been seeing, I've been applying my new program to a lot of projects (my Profile Picture and my signature links, in particular).

    (You might be wondering where my sig link pictures are. Due to the rules, I have to crop them because they were too big, but it's late, so I won't attach the revised links until tomorrow.)

    Now I only regret that Premiere doesn't have the same Photoshop auto-level corrections -- if Photoshop could process motion video as well as still pictures, that would be video quality heaven. :)


    My next video is in the works, and will feature some really rare music along with some Magic Knight Rayearth Season 1. This might be so big, I'll have to consider putting it into separate parts. More on that as I develop this video further.

    Also, news on the two "big" projects I am working on-and-off right now:

    - I'm still working on the music -> video choice for Stand Alone (More) Complex Part 3: Togusa. I was thinking of Stamina Rose, but I might try a few others before hand. I'm not quite sure if Run Rabbit Junk would be good for a video on him, plus there is limited movie footage with him around, so a smaller song might be better...

    Also, before I release this one, I'll probably work on a remaster of the first two with much better quality than the DivX versions up on now. As to hosting these remasters... I'm working on it.

    - My other big project (call it the "big secret project") is still in the demo phase. I have a piece polished and finished, but I have a lot more pieces to go before I have a worthy video for release. 
  • New Video 2005-04-04 21:11:16 New Video: The Madness of Hikaru Shidou

    This one is part of a "special order" I made for Scandia, who wanted a Magic Knight Rayearth video with "fast music".

    So, I went into my music library and one song stood out: Thomas Dolby's Hyperactive!, which is a Techno track from the 80's (from the same artist who did She Blinded Me with Science).

    When I dug into my complete MKR anime collection (both of Media Blasters' DVD Memorial Boxes for the TV show and the OAV version), I chose to use the first episode of the second season of the TV Rayearth along with the Rayearth OAV.

    I knew then that the focus would be Hikaru, and the theme, in tune with the song, would be about Hikaru's pyschological problems. (Seems she thinks she's some sort of "Magic Knight" and that she and two other "Knights" saved the world from being destroyed. Quite a troubled person.)

    I think it came out well, and is definitely a much better video than I've made up to this point. :) 
  • A "quickie" video 2005-03-28 20:07:32 New Video: Eva Cheeseburgers.

    After making Rumic Aja and going over one of my "big" project's AMVs, I had Cheeseburgers In Paradise stuck in my head for a bit.

    Then the image of Eva Unit 01 eating the angel in Episode 19 just happened to pop into my head, and the resulting germ of an idea was this AMV.

    There's actually very little violence in it -- at least, as much as anyone's seen in the thousands of other Evangelion videos out there. Then I conceived the ending -- and after I previewed the AMV, I got to thinking it was pretty creepy and a little over the top.

    Oh, well. It's up now, so for ill or not, I'm going to see if people like it. After all, it's a really different AMV than any Eva video out there, and no one's really used "Cheeseburgers In Paradise" in an AMV before.

    One of the pieces of my "big" AMV project is done. Yay. Now I have about 20 more to go. ;-_- 
  • A new video (and news on my big AMV project) 2005-03-26 01:56:03 3-26-05

    New Video(s): Rumic Aja

    Well, I finished up this video in about a day, but there wasn't much to it since I already knew the basic plotline and what parts of the episodes to use.

    I also used this one to get more used to lip sync. Rumic Aja isn't 100% sync, but I felt that to do more would only hurt the final cut, so I stopped where I did.

    I already have a brand new, more complex AMV project in the works that I'm really pouring a lot of time into getting right the first time. My draft copy looks good, and the final will be synched up as good as it can get.

    Lately, though, it's going to get tougher since I have a lot of studying to do. But, I'll keep at it and release something once I know it's ready to be released. This AMV project is one I am not going to rush through.
  • Neither one. 2005-03-15 20:24:38 (Both would probably be digital dust thanks to Morganna. ;) )

    Back to serious stuff:

    I've been working on the draft for my next project, which will be a multi-song deal. I figured that, if I worked hard on some one-minute videos, I could put it all together into a great collection. :)

    So far, I have a lot of great draft videos that I will begin fleshing out into nicely-synched videos.

    But, such a project will take a long while to complete -- I hope to have the first completed string done and up by the end of March.

    Keep an eye out for it. :) 
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