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Exporting Your Video

It's not possible to have explicit exporting settings detailed for every single video editing application on the market, but just like with setting up your application, it should be fairly simple. Here are a couple rules of thumb:

1) Keep your export settings as similar to the project settings as possible.

2) Don't try to compress a distribution copy of your amv from your editing program! You should export only a LOSSLESS, full quality version of your video. This means you should either use a lossless codec such as UtVideo, or export uncompressed. Some software, such as Premiere, has problems with exporting as anything other than uncompressed. You should also export your audio as a seperate wav file, if possible. Compressing your AMV is a seperate step that will be covered very soon in later pages of this guide.

Those two steps are really the only major things that you need to watch out for. Now, if you are unfortunate enough to be using Windows Movie Maker, it is different enough to require it's own guide:

Windows Movie Maker 2

Otherwise, if you are having trouble, just come and ask on the forums.